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    This is a Codeguru directory of articles on the C++ topic of Visual C++ / C++. Advertiser Disclosure.

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    This is a Codeguru directory of articles on the C++ topic of .NET / C#.

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    Oct 29, 2018 · Codeguru has had a number of special guests join us for Slow Chats. This section contains the archived Q&As. eCamp Chat: Windows 8 for Developers. On May 21st, 2013 we presented an online eCamp, Windows 8 for Developers. This forum area is for follow-up questions and discussions from that event.

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    (This code is legal C#. You can switch on strings in C#.) In this article I will show you a way to implement a switch on strings using pure standard C++. The Bad News. I can't give you a solution to do exactly what you can do in C#. The Good News

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    Introduction. Visual Studio has long been a staple for developers targeting applications for the Microsoft ecosystem. So when Microsoft recently announced public availability of Visual Studio Online, it would be a bit of an understatement to say that the developer community was a bit shocked with the announcement.

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    One thing in common in the menus my application needs to create is that each dynamic menu item is associated with data. In the case of a MRU file menu item, it is the file path to be opened, and in the case of a tools menu item, it is the path of an application to be invoked.

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    The CodeGuru site allows for a number of different ratings. Reputations is one of these ratings. Reputations are points gained or lost on individual posts within the discussion forums.

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    CodeGuru is dedicated to helping developers and programmers by providing the most robust and up-to-date technical information and code snippets on the Internet! This information comes from Gurus who are in the industry as well as Guru-"wanna-be's." If you are a Guru, CodeGuru is a great community for sharing what you know.

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    The classes presented in this article extend those described in "SMTP MFC Classes" to handle messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) protocol. MIME is an e-mail message protocol (described in RFCs 1521 and 1522) that allows messages to incorporate non-text content while still remaining compliant with RFC 822.

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