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  2. Latest Visual C++ / C++ Articles - CodeGuru


    This is a Codeguru directory of articles on the C++ topic of Visual C++ / C++.

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    This is a Codeguru directory of articles on the C++ topic of C#.

  4. DLL Tutorial For Beginners - Codeguru


    I was trying to learn DLLs and nothing was really explaining anything; it was just code for you to look at and wonder what was going on. For this article, I assume you know how to use the features of your compiler, such as setting directory paths and such. To set up the project, select Win32 Console ...

  5. C++ Tutorial: A Beginner's Guide to std::vector ... - Codeguru


    This tutorial is meant to help beginning and intermediate C++ programmers get a grip on the standard template class. (The article was updated.)

  6. Detecting USB Devices Using C# - CodeGuru


    Use the code provided to determine when a USB Thumb drive or other USB-based storage media is plugged in or removed.

  7. FTP and VB.NET - CodeGuru


    Knowing when and how to work with the Internet's many different protocols is essential in any decent application.

  8. Zip and Unzip Files Programmatically in C# - Codeguru


    The .NET framework 4.5 introduces some new classes in System.IO.Compression namespace that allows you to deal with Zip files programmatically. Using these classes you can create new Zip files, open and modify existing Zip files and extract the contents of Zip files via code.

  9. SOLID Principles in C# - An Overview - Codeguru


    SOLID principles form the base for writing good and clean object oriented code in C#. Learn about the S.O.L.I.D principles and explore C# coding samples for each.

  10. Callback Functions Tutorial - CodeGuru


    Learn what callback functions are, what they help us achieve, and how to use them.