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  2. Find your power.


    We know there is nothing sacred about commercial tobacco. Our families and loved ones are sacred. Together we are strong. Together we can fight addiction

  3. ToolkitsFind Your Power


    Toolkits. The Tribal Tobacco Policy Toolkits have been created to support tribal people in their efforts to educate one another about the dangers of commercial tobacco use and advocate for commercial tobacco policies in our communities. Commercial tobacco use is the number one cause of all cancers and emphysema, and is the leading preventable ...

  4. Keep It SacredFind Your Power


    Keep It Sacred. When we talk about your power, we’re referring to the kind of power Crazy Horse had. Crazy Horse was born near Rapid Creek in the mid 1800s. We can’t show you his picture because no photographs were ever taken of him. We can’t show you his handwriting because he never signed a treaty or any other “official” document ...

  5. TraditionsFind Your Power


    Traditions. We know what commercial tobacco is doing to us. We know their tobacco is not our tobacco. And we know that many of us are addicted. We also know that many of us are helping each other stay addicted, instead of helping each other quit. Those of us who have been able to quit have found our strength, our power… in each other. We find ...

  6. MediaFind Your Power


    Media The materials on this website are available for download at no charge. Print materials can also be requested through the South Dakota Department of …

  7. How to QuitFind Your Power


    How to quit commercial tobacco: 1. Get help. Most of us can’t do it alone. Talk to someone. Family, friends, doctors, QuitLine coaches – they are all there to help

  8. ResourcesFind Your Power


    Provides information on tobacco from a youth perspective and includes a variety of resources to provide teens with the tools they need to understand how the tobacco industry is targeting them and how to fight back. Includes links to a variety of resources including videos, posters, an online game, and more – all geared toward teens.

  9. Quit NowFind Your Power


    I agree that this information will be shared with the SD QuitLine and is needed for them to contact me.

  10. ToolkitsFind Your Power


    Toolkits * * * South Dakota QuitLine 1-866-SD-QUITS | Home | Traditions | How to Quit | Keep it Sacred | Toolkits | Media | Connect | Quit Now | Resources ...

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