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  1. Google's 15th Birthday


    I don’t want to say how many hundreds of millions of Google’s 15th Birthday Piñata games were played or how many billions of candies won, but suffice to say your boss might be miffed you ...

  2. www.google.com



  3. Google's 19th Birthday


    Google's 19th Birthday. They say life is full of surprises, and Google’s history is chock-full of them. In fact, we wouldn’t be here without them. In 1997, one of Google’s co-founders, Larry ...

  4. My 15th Birthday - Densetsu World


    The 2012 theory/Why didn't the world end on December 21st 2012?

  5. Google's 17th Birthday


    Google's 17th Birthday. In the world of computer programming, 17 is widely considered the least random number. To assume we made it this far without a little luck, though, would be like assuming ...

  6. Google's 20th Birthday


    Google's 20th Birthday. Twenty (ish 😉) years ago, two Stanford Ph.D. students launched a new search engine with a bold mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally ...

  7. Google's 18th Birthday


    Doodle 4 Google More Doodles. September 27, 2016. Google's 18th Birthday. Doodler Gerben Steenks designed today’s Doodle in celebration of Google’s 18th birthday. This Doodle's Reach ...