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    Soundtrack Your Brand was founded in Sweden in 2013, with a mission to kill bad background music... Marketing Melodies partners …

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    a guide to digital transformation what kiwi organisations need to do in 216 intergen 216 page 4 how to set objectives for digital transformation

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    A Radical Approach to Ris Manaement 2 Introduction The world of cybersecurity has changed. Cybercriminals today target organizations and unleash a …

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    Why is it so hard to motivate and energise a workforce? From hitting targets to dealing with clients, managers have a difficult and demanding job at the best of times.

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    After plenty of speculation that 2degrees was about to be sold, it turns out they're the ones doing the buying.

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    CASE STUDY: Seccom Global The competitive edge At the time, the concept of UTM (unified threat management) was new to the market and Fortinet was still …

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    ©2013 by Daniel W. Rasmus This content licensed for exclusive use by Citrix. danielwrasmus.com The Ten Worst IT Collaboration Offenses By Daniel W. Rasmus Worrying about uptime not uptake If operational “up-time” defines IT’s success metric, then collaboration is

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    Lab Validation Report Quantum QXS-4 Series Hybrid Storage with Q-Tier and Q-Tools Hybrid Enterprise-class Storage Functionality at Mid-range Prices