1. Colored Contacts


    Eyes are the first thing people see when they look at you, and their color can make a difference in how your feel about yourself and how others see you. Read about ...

  2. Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes


    Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes. If you have dark colored eyes you can still change them with colored contact lenses made especially for dark eyes.

  3. Halloween Contact Lenses - Colored Contacts


    Halloween contact lenses are the perfect accessory for completing any costume. The variety of lenses available is quite impressive.

  4. Blue contact lenses - Colored Contacts


    Though there are countless colors, styles and designs on the market, blue contact lenses are some of the most popular.

  5. Eye Color Surgery - Colored Contacts


    First impressions are quite important and the eyes are one of the main focal points when someone makes contact with another. To have confidence in your appearance it ...

  6. Hard Contact Lenses - Colored Contacts


    Hard contact lenses were introduced in 1936 and were made of polymethyl methylacrylate or PMMA, a rigid plastic.

  7. How safe are colored contacts?


    Select colored contacts that use FDA-approved colors to avoid having any toxic substances come into close contact with your eyes.

  8. The art of selection of contact lenses simplified


    As contact lenses are available in different styles and shades so the art of selection needs spending hours researching the best option for your eyes.

  9. Ease to follow tips for wearing contact lenses on your own


    A perfect tool is ideal option for people who are not very much used to making use of their fingers for wearing contact lenses.

  10. Parental precautionary measures for ... - Colored Contacts


    Children certainly are recommended by professionals for using contact lenses. There are also a number of new born who are prescribed for using contacts.