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Birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
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Today is ‘Gurupurab’ or ‘festival of the gurus’ of Sikkhism. The day, also known simply as Guru Nanak Jayanti commemorates the birth of the first Sikh guru. For the last two days, devout Sikhs all over the world have read the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhism. Gurudwaras all over the world are decorated with lights or diyas like the ones you see on today’s homepage. The day is also marked with holy processions called the Nagar Kirtan, with five armed guards called the Panj Pyaras leading the processions. Sacred quotes and hymns fill the air, with the sound of drums accompanying them.
अधिक जाणून घ्या
द्रुत तथ्य:
Guru Nanak Dev was one of the most travelled people in history, records speaking of his visits to Europe, the Middle East and Mecca.
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एकही क्षण चुकवू नका आणि चुटकीसरशी हवे ते सहजपणे शोधा. काही सोप्या चरणांद्वारे Bing-ला आपल्या ब्राउझरचे मुखपृष्ठ म्हणून सेट करा!