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    微软学术,由微软必应团队联合研究院打造的免费学术搜索产品,旨在为广大研究人员提供海量的学术资源 ...

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  3. Discovering phase transitions with unsupervised learning

    Lei Wang
    2016 · Physical Review B|被引数:21

    Unsupervised learning is a discipline of machine learning which aims at discovering patterns in large data sets or classifying the data into several categories without being trained explicitly. We show that unsup…

  4. 交流学术、孵化人才——香港中文大学-微软“利群计算机界面 ...


    1尖端研究及学术带头 “香港中文大学微软利群计算及界面科技实验室”凝聚了香港中文大学和微软亚洲研究院在核心领域的研究力量。发展以人为本的技术是个长期的战略性的 ...

  5. M3RSM: Many-To-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching


    M3RSM: Many-to-Many Multi-Resolution Scan Matching Edwin Olson 1 Abstract We describe a new multi-resolution scan matching method that makes exhaustive (and thus local-minimum-proof)

  6. Lane Change Intent Analysis Using Robust Operators and Sparse Bayesian Learning

    Joel C Mccall · Mohan M Trivedi · David P Wipf · Bhaskar D Rao

    In this paper we demonstrate a driver intent inference system (DIIS) based on lane positional information, vehicle parameters, and driver head motion. We present robust computer vision methods for identifying …

  7. Geometric Calibration of Micro-Lens-Based Light Field Cameras Using Line Features - IEEE Journals & Magazine - IEEE Xplore …


    Abstract: We present a novel method for the geometric calibration of micro-lens-based light field cameras. Accurate geometric calibration is the basis of various applications. Instead of using sub-aperture images…

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  9. Hepatocellular carcinoma : Epidemiology and molecular carcinogenesis

    Hashem B El Serag · K Lenhard Rudolph
    2007 · Gastroenterology|被引数:4513

    Primary liver cancer, which consists predominantly of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), is the fifth most common cancer worldwide and the third most common cause of cancer mortality. HCC has several inter…

  10. Support Vector Regression Machines

    Harris Drucker · Christopher J C Burges · Linda Kaufman · Alexander J Smola · Vladimir Vapnik

    A new regression technique based on Vapnik's concept of support vectors is introduced. We compare support vector regression (SVR) with a committee regression technique (bagging) based on regression t…

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