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  • Forum Reply: Re: What happened to Virtual Earth!

    Jian my point is; Microsoft Virtual Earth used to had street-level info labels for many countries, but since it is superseded by "Bing Maps 3d", same details for some of those countries are gone which makes it less pervasive and that's disappointing ! - (Quick question: are they downgrading...
  • Forum Reply: Re: List of map use permissions for Bing maps

    Hi Guys, I am wondering what the legal stance of Bing Maps is on the use of a 2d image / Aerial Photo taken as a screenshot from you application to be used as an underlay for a set of published images which will have further information pasted above this (although the original bing image will not...
  • Forum Reply: Re: How to add business on Bing Maps

    SEO Firm NY - If you wanted to add your business on Bing Listing as well as on google and Yahoo Call us today at (510) 417-4448
  • Forum Thread: help: who can tell me how to use the bing map 3d api?

    Hi, I'm a new comer to bing. And now I wanna study bing maps. However, I don't know how to add the bing map Service Reference in Visual Studio. Could anyone tell me the reference.
  • Forum Thread: Street Numbers

    Hi all, I work for an Australian company that provides as part of it's service a software package that utilises Bing mapping. We have an increased demand for visible street numbering to be included as part of the package, and as I understand it, the Microsoft license restricts the developers...
  • Forum Thread: Update location match in Maps?

    Is it possible to correct the location match resulting from a search? My house is about four house north of where the result show. Thanks very much.
  • Forum Thread: Is Bing Maps 3D compatible with Windows 7?

    Hello all! I just installed Windows 7 RTM from MSDN and I am enjoying it on my TouchSmart tx2! After I have seen very impressive Videos about Windows Touch and Virtual Eearth 3D, I'd like to give it a try. So I installed Bing Maps 3D, startet it, IE opened, but after approx. 25% have been loaded...
  • Forum Thread: import kml files

    Bing Maps uses 3dvia shape for maps and you can export to KML files. I can export ok, but can not import into any other program and have the files work. WHY? Why is there no interface between 3dvia shape for maps and 3dvia shape. That just dumb ! I made several models in Bing Maps before I discovered...
  • Forum Thread: control zoom map choice

    Is there any way to control which map choice is selected as I zoom? In particular, when I am viewing OS maps and zoom in, at high detail Bing switches to a street view. I realize you do not have the very highest detailed OS maps (excellent that you have the 25000, thanks), but I would rather see the...
  • Forum Thread: Copy image from Bing Maps

    Can an aerial image be copied (or purchased) from Bing Maps?
  • Forum Thread: Multiple Sources to single destination Map

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to Bing Maps forums/community. I have a quick question about Bing Map API. Can I implement Bing map to take 2 locations information as sources and 1 location as destination, then draw the map accordingly. Let me give you a scenario for more clarity, Lets say if I gave...
  • Forum Reply: Re: How to add business on Bing Maps

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  • Forum Reply: Re: New Bing for Mobile is useless

    Agreed. The maps section can't search for anything either. It just hangs. Also, I can't seem to find how to start the map up with my current location. I have GPS enabled, but it always starts up in Seattle. Movies are there at the bottom, but the 'search' result is very lacking in comparison...