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  • Forum Thread: Bing Maps in WPF

    I have a database (SQL 2008) coordinates Latitude and longitude in double format. How to produce a map Bing with Pushpins label in various colors (depending on the value of interest in this area) and if possible with an image associated with the marker. Regards
  • Forum Thread: Send to GPS

    I have installed the Garmin add-on and have my GPS connected to my lap top via USB. Still, when I click on the send to GPS button I get the install add-on drop down and I do not see any thing to do but close it and return to th previos screen
  • Forum Thread: Tracking Address

    Hello All, I own a sign company that installs posts for real estate agents. I am looking for a way to track where the posts are. I will be adding new addresses and deleting addresses daily. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to save and address and so that everytime I log in to Bing I can see at...
  • Forum Thread: Partnering with telephone directory companies . . .

    If Bing hasn't done this already (and I assume that they HAVE done this), Bing should partner with,, Idearc, and other yellow page companies to put their businesses on your maps. Also partner with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile to do the same. It would add...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Unable to send bing maps vis MSN Direct to my Garmin

    I have tried this on a machine with XP and IE8, Vista and IE8, and Win7 and IE8. Is IE8 the problem? There is no option for finding a place and sending to my GPS once I hit "Maps" on the Bing home page. No one has answered my previous question about this, posted on Dec 21, either.
  • Forum Reply: Re: How to add business on Bing Maps

    Hi folks, unfortunately the local listing center feature is not available outside the US right now. You can change your listing though by filling out your detail at the following URL - . We use Market Location data in the UK and they will call you once they receive...
  • Forum Thread: Bing Maps on website - Terms of use problem

    Hi My dad has just added a Bing Map to his website, and there is a problem with the terms on use covering the bing Logo on the map. i was not sure this this is a known problem or if it is a fault with the coding. Address
  • Forum Thread: Changing Your Business Information.. Need to talk to customer support!

    How can I contact customer support? Several people in my office (including myself) have tried to change our business location and information on the maps, and we're still waiting for the verification pin to be sent in the mail. It's been a couple months now. Why can't we have a pin sent via...
  • Forum Thread: Business Use of Bing Maps

    Can I use a Bing Map on a business webpage without getting into trouble with Microsoft or anyone else? If so, do I need to purchase a business membership or make some kind of financial arrangment to use the maps? Thanks for the information. rwillet

    Can someone PLEASE help me. I have been searching and searching for help on this topic and desperately need some assistance. I have create a map with 15 marked locations, which show up in the main map window, ie here (
  • Forum Reply: Re: Can I add a new business location to the Bing Map?

    Did you get anywhere? I am still in the dark her..still trying to find how to add a "Canadian " listing. There are Canadian listings in BING. How did 'they' get there? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...PLEASE!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Adding a business to Bing Maps

    Business listings for Bing in Canada come from - suggest you get listed! :)
  • Forum Thread: Unable to display pushpins (placemarks) on embedded maps

    I recently migrated from google maps - some functionality which I take for granted does not seem to work with bing maps. eg I cannot bet pushpins (placemarks) to display on maps I embed on web page. Also I cannot chage or customise pushpin icons. Are these things possible? Any help would be...
  • Forum Thread: Extending the Bing map coverage of Africa

    Hi. Please i would like to know how i can improve the implementation of Bing map in Nigeria,West Africa. I need more zoom access for some locations here for the Imagine Cup 2012 contest.Any help would be appreciated
  • Forum Thread: My map collections?

    Since the recent bing maps upgrade, I can't find my personal map collections (routes, push pins etc.) Did this feature get cut? Or am I just looking in the wrong place? FWIW I found this feature really valuable. I used have my running routes saved as routes and if I ever took an alternative route...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Adding a business to Bing Maps

    Managed to find where to add a local business listing in America, there is no option to change country so not able to include in the UK - can anyone help on this? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Updating company address on Bing maps

    We are a Canadian based company and Bing is currently showing our Canadian address which has changed from what is currently showing. Can you let me know how we can change our Canadian address from the current listing? Thank you.
  • Forum Thread: Update location match in Maps?

    Is it possible to correct the location match resulting from a search? My house is about four house north of where the result show. Thanks very much.
  • Forum Reply: Re: kml files

    You can import a KML file using VEShapeSourceSpecification. I used a kml file that is publicly accessible. I don't know what happens if it's not public. I hope this example helps: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta name="viewport" content="initial...
  • Forum Thread: embedded map - tags after iframe tag are not evaluated

    Hi all, I'm new in BingMaps development. Can you advice me please, why no html tags after IFRAME tag with embeddedMap are not evaluated by browser (any IE, FFx...) ? See attached pics . Thanks Palo
  • Forum Thread: Incorrect Location on bing Maps

    Our listing pin on Bing Maps has been incorrect since Oct. 2009. We keep trying to put in the correct address BUT in order to receive the verification code, we need to put in our PO Box (businesses are not permitted to have a street mailbox in our town), so Bing keeps putting our location in some random...
  • Forum Thread: blend MapControl Location

    I am using Blend and trying to add MapPolygon. Here is code sample: <m:MapPolygon Fill="#63F4F4F5" Stroke="Red" > <m:MapPolygon.Locations> <Microsoft_Maps_MapControl:Location AltitudeReference="Ground" Altitude="0" Longitude="17.09139458835125"...
  • Forum Thread: Embedding a map is broken

    When I try to embed my map collection by clicking the Share link, the embed code doesn't show my pushpins / map data on my web site. I have to open up the "Larger map" view to see them. This works fine for Google maps. So frustrating that I spent so much time creating a collection and it...
  • Forum Thread: Measuring area in Bing Maps

    Is there any way to measure larger areas accurately in Bing maps? Small areas are shown in square meters, but beyond a certain size Bing jumps to stating the area in square kilometers to a vague one place of decimals.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Public Transit Directions

    I sure hope so... I recently tried bing maps and was blown away by how responsive it was. This may be a make or break for me and Windows phone 7 vs Android as well as just using google vs bing. Hop to! I'll be getting my first smartphone this December.