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  • Why Should You Talk to a Recruiter, You Ask? I’ll Tell You - by Andrea LaCoy - Blog Post

    I think that everyone would agree with the statement that we live in a world that is ever changing and always evolving. The standard way of doing things in the past are being replaced with the better, faster, more efficient versions and this can been seen in almost everything we do. Making a career change...
  • Meet Kay - Blog Post

    Hi! I'm Kay! I'm a seasoned researcher and social media strategist; creative, strategic and passionate with 11+ years of exceptional experience. Knowledgeable of web 2.0 technologies and social media platforms. Proven aptitude identifying opportunities, implementing solutions, and increasing visibility...
  • Diversity In Sourcing and Recruiting: The Truth Behind the Questions That Rarely Get Asked By Kay - Blog Post

    Diversity is defined by a single word: variety - which basically means different. But very few people follow up with the question: "Different in what way?" The next question we all want to ask, and don't, is this: "How and why is diversity important in the workplace?" We can all agree that we really...