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  • Why Should You Talk to a Recruiter, You Ask? I’ll Tell You - by Andrea LaCoy - Blog Post

    I think that everyone would agree with the statement that we live in a world that is ever changing and always evolving. The standard way of doing things in the past are being replaced with the better, faster, more efficient versions and this can been seen in almost everything we do. Making a career change...
  • Challenges of Testing Data - Is it Really 73°F in Seattle right now? – by Cyril Bouanna - Blog Post

    Cyril Bounanna is a Senior Development Lead for the Bing Data Quality and Measurement Team. Today he presents to us a real-life scenario that software engineers and testers encounter when they are building Bing. *** Software engineers have developed a lot of expertise and solutions to assess code...
  • Scouting For Talent - by Brian Christensen - Blog Post

    Working as a Staffing Consultant within Online Services Division here at Microsoft, I am constantly reminded that my job has a lot of similar aspects to sports and trying to put together a team that is set up to win. While watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals this past weekend, I noticed the intricacies...