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  • National Geographic Map Brings Social Studies to Life - Blog Post

    Getting kids interested in social studies can be a project. As I remember it, in grade school, social studies came right after lunch, which meant that I was more interested in putting my head on my desk than in learning what the indigenous peoples of remote Fiji liked to eat. Followed by a film strip...
  • Tips to defeat “The Routine” - Blog Post

    Random holiday decorations may still be littering areas of my house, but one thing isn't-my kids. After what feels like a month (okay, it was two weeks, but it felt longer), we're back into the "get up/pack lunch/go to school/do homework" routine. And that's where we're going to have trouble. It's that...
  • Good Education Decisions That Start with “Once Upon a Time” - Blog Post

    I am in a somewhat unique situation with two kids in college and two kids in preschool/kindergarten. This large age gap sometimes makes us feel like we are raising two separate families and my husband and I joke that the good news here is we can correct our mistakes the second time around. Though we...