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  • Insider Tips: Getting Started - Blog Post

    What does your school need the most? It's a simple question, but for many schools, the answer can be hard. Lack of funding has impacted resources across the board: classrooms, teachers, equipment, textbooks, etc. The list goes on and "need" is a big word for many. So today, I'm going to help you get...
  • Meet Teacher Sally High - Blog Post

    The new school year has begun. For the sixth consecutive year, my small rural junior high school has earned high achievement and high growth ratings in Colorado’s standardized assessments. Interestingly, this welcome news isn’t dominating the collaborative conversations among my fellow faculty...
  • Guest Blog: Making the Case for Parent/Teacher Conferences - Blog Post

    Our first Parent / Teacher Conferences are next week. In my school district, teachers try to contact as many parents as we can to make appointments. We email, we send notes home with students, and we call. We stay at school until 8 pm a couple of nights to accommodate parents' work schedules. We provide...