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  • Blog Post: Attention BlackBerry users: Bing for Mobile updates arrive today!

    Today, we are releasing updates to the Bing for Mobile app to be compatible with devices running BlackBerry OS6. We have also made performance improvements to BlackBerry OS5 devices and added several new features including image search, Bing homepage hotspots, flight Instant Answers, Safe Search and...
  • Blog Post: Bing for Mobile Blackberry App Update

    We have recently updated the Bing for Mobile Blackberry app. You can now access Bing Maps by pressing the Bing Maps icon from your Blackberry device. We have also updated the home screen and added a launcher so you can access local, maps, directions and news faster. The video below gives you...
  • Blog Post: Bing for Mobile Now Available On All Major US Mobile Operators

    It’s been an exciting week for us here at Bing. On Monday, Windows Phone 7 hit US store shelves giving people access to Bing for Mobile out of the box. And for you Verizon Wireless customers, with the release of the Samsung Continuum and the Motorola Citrus, we are happy to announce the Bing...
  • Blog Post: Bing for BlackBerry app update issues

    Last week, we released an update to our app to address feedback from you about Bing failing to return results when your device latches onto an unauthenticated network (e.g. at your local coffee shop) After rolling out the update however, we observed an issue with the cache servers hosting our application...