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  • Blog Post: Meet the Our School Needs Judges: Anthony Salcito

    As VP of education for Microsoft, Anthony Salcito works with schools, universities, and educators around the world to help classrooms get the technology they need. And with so many schools in need of fresh technology, we thought Anthony would make an excellent judge of the Our School Needs contest. ...
  • Blog Post: National Geographic Map Brings Social Studies to Life

    Getting kids interested in social studies can be a project. As I remember it, in grade school, social studies came right after lunch, which meant that I was more interested in putting my head on my desk than in learning what the indigenous peoples of remote Fiji liked to eat. Followed by a film strip...
  • Blog Post: Guest Blog: CEO Charles Best

    Oprah and her viewers have played an integral role in the growth and success of When we launched, we spent the first few years operating out of my classroom with my students as our staff members. In 2003, Oprah Winfrey did a phenomenal story about our site. She told...