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  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • Re: title and description missing in search results - Forum Reply

    Hello Hypercasinos It could be two reasons from my point of view Your site may be cached with the old title tag i think, so again submit in bing search engine. just try submitting your website in this link Or else i agree with samnwb
  • Re: Site not being indexed by Bing... - Forum Reply

    I have noticed the same problem. My site is being indexed by Google but has not come up in Bing yet. ----- United Home Construction is a Toronto Flagstone installation contractor serving the entire GTA region.
  • Does Google Adsense Affects Bing Indexing - Forum Thread

    Hi, I have a friend who is running google Adsense on his website. Google crawls and index his website regularly, but Msn bot rarely crawls his website. Out of 3000 pages on his site, only 3 pages are indexed buy Bing. Is that because is running Google Adsense on his pages.
  • Re: MSN SERP - Forum Reply

    To submit to Bing and to have your pages indexed regularly by Bing, I recommend you installing a sitemap for your website like for any other search engine. This helps to ensure consistent indexing of your pages and much more. Make Money Online
  • Re: How do I stop sugjestions???? - Forum Reply

    I have found that I can't completely turn off the feature but I can filter out the unwanted entries in the search suggestion dropdown. Once you start to type and the suggestions come up just hover over the unwanted entry and hit the red "X" to the right of that entry. I have tried clearing...
  • Re: Why wont Bing index my website??? - Forum Reply

    Hey Ian I think Bing indexing has got some issues. Sites that have almost all their pages indexed in Google have barely 30% indexed in Bing. It means Bing is not seeing most of the Web. For Example if you check the indexing of site Google shows 43,000 + Where as Bing shows...
  • Indexing - Forum Thread

    Why has Bing only indexed 1 page of my site yet Yahoo & Google have indexed 80-285 pages? Do I need to be doing something on my end?
  • Re: Bing BAD! Very BAD - Forum Reply

    Guys I Dont agree. Bing is very good except indexing issues. Its search results are very quick and much much informative. DO BING REGULARLY. Cheers Venky I Bing, You Bing?
  • How to get Bing better? - Forum Thread

    Webmasters r facing some common problems in Bing 1. First of All they can't get their website indexed in Bing after subission. 2. If indexed, they want to get better ranking which they get from other search engines. 3. They can't get sub-links of their site althouth they submitted sitemaps...
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • UK based company with .com website only appearing in full web search. - Forum Thread

    Our company is a UK based company with a .com website and (if it makes a difference though it shouldn't) a US based host. For some reason our site is only appearing in full web searches and not UK only searches...does anyone have any ideas as to why? Our SEO is fine and we are appearing high...
  • Pages Indexed to low - Forum Thread

    my site have more than 200 pages but Bing only index 20 page last 2 month, I dont know why ?
  • Exporting pages indexed by bing - Forum Thread

    I am seeing some issues with the site indexing. When I search the site with the keyword, I can see the search results with 629 records but when I go through the webmaster tool I can see there are only 2 page deeplinks in the Index explorer. We have 900+ page deeplings in our...
  • Re: region wrong for our blog - Forum Reply

    Chk out this previous post. This might be of some help. But overall I see this as stupid. The language meta tag is of course for language not your target market. What is wrong with it if I use EN-US and I am targeting Indian Market or Chinese Market...
  • Re: Local listing still shows 'Pending Review' - Forum Reply

    Along with Bing not indexing pages of many websites, your probably not doing anything wrong. They (Bing) have serious indexing problems. Just look at all the discussions regarding indexing issues with no clear answers. The typical answers have been -> read the FAQ, try this, try that, thy this...
  • Re: Bing Directory - Forum Reply

    Yes i am also searching the Bing Directory to index my couple of blog for a long time. can any one get me out with perfection. thanks in advance.
  • Re: 4 months and site still not indexed!! - Forum Reply

    DO the following first of all 1- check your site in BIng by typing if your site appears then it has already indexed, if not then 2-Verify your site in bing webmaster tool nad submit a sitemap there. 3-Get some quality backlink to your site. 4-and wait for some time as...
  • Updated address & Phone # - Forum Thread

    How do I get the listing Bing has for our company information as displayed in search results? Specificaly our NEW address and phone #.
  • Need Review - Forum Thread

    Hi, This site has some indexing problem of Homepage can some one view & give his valuable suggestion. Thank you
  • Back Linking - Forum Thread

    My site is about 7 or 8 months old and I am new to all this SEO / Indexing / Back Linking. I have found some good info on SEO and for the most part I understand the Indexing, but I have been seeing alot of the responses to peoples questions is "Get good Back...
  • Feed and Sitemap not cached?? - Forum Thread

    Hi, I created webmaster account in bing and added my website in it. After some time i added ror feed and sitemap to be crawled but it is still not crawled why?? Man and Van | Man with Van
  • Site Indexing - Forum Thread

    Hello, My site has over 70,000 pages indexed in Google. We only have 16,000 pages indexed in Bing, and all of the pages being indexed are old URL's. We changed all of the URL's on our website 10/11/10 when we did a re-design. Google has picked up these changes...
  • Website Homepage no long showing up for main keyword search, was #6 - Forum Thread

    Hello, Our website, was recently number 6 on the search list of the first page for our biggest keyword, "Lake Anna". All of a sudden, our homepage is no longer appearing if you search for Lake Anna, anywhere. Our site is still indexed with Bing and Yahoo and is fine...
  • Indexing fast web pages - Forum Thread

    I want to know that how we make indexing pages fast in bing search engine, And how we know that how many pages were indexed already.