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  • Urgent: Bing Bot Excessive Crawling Eating Server Bandwidth - Forum Thread

    Hello! Over the past four months, our site has been crawled repeatedly by Bing Bot, capturing 19% of total traffic. This has driven our bandwidth consumption and charges through the roof. It continues to crawl the same category and product pages an exponential number of times. The folder structure...
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • Bing IS CRUSHING My Web Site PLEASE HELP !!!! - Forum Thread

    Bing is indexing my site 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is nothing more than a Denial of Service Attack.. Actual Reading from BING - Clicks 8, impressions- 126, Pages indexed- 858, pages crawled- 48,662 at the time of this writting my site has 10 YES 10 BING robots crawling my Site GOD MAKE...
  • Re: How blog helps to increase traffic on our website ?? - Forum Reply

    Blog are very much like starting a topic and then it later builds with content that you are sharing your work about. Use key words in your content when writing your blog. For me I travel online but off line I am actually doing the things I experience to readers online. The more you blog (write) there...
  • My website is not crawled and indexed by Bing - Forum Thread

    My Website has not been indexed and when I try Mark up Validator and put my website url there it gives me an error -> Something appears to be incorrect, preventing us from showing you data. Please check your markup for inclusion and accuracy...
  • Re: Information Removal - Forum Reply

    if the article with y0ur name was removed on the Original site, you MAY be able to RESUBMIT that url/link to be crawled again by the bing robot, *but then you still have the CACHED content remaining, this info remains for a few months, whereby other robots may find your NAME in bing's...
  • Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Thread

    I have a question to pose to the community at large. I have been a webmaster for several years and recently started a website for a friends retail store Goldis Jewelry a Jewelry design house By Jewelry Artisans but something that i have noticed over the past few years and even more prominent recently...
  • When will my site be indexed? - Forum Thread

    I'm the webmaster of EOWI and on one fine day my site was removed from Bing and Yahoo. I wrote about this issue to Yahoo and I was advised to contact Bing Support Team. Finally I wrote about this issue to Bing Support team on 20th October and I got the reply on the very other day. I was surprised...
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • Should I have a '+' in my URL? - Forum Thread

    I own the domain, and want to build a vanity URL for CoolProduct+. Would there be any negative consequences of making my second vanity URL I read that in searches, '+' is often ignored . I'm not sure if this should be accounted...
  • Site not being crawled - Forum Thread

    My site has rewriten from .htm to .php pages, and resulted an Craeler Issue as being suspected for "malware". The only line I can think of is the <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html" charset=ISO-8859-1" / > How shall I modify this to reflect...
  • My website has been de-indexed by Bing/Yahoo - Forum Thread

    I'm not sure why and have tried to contact Bing but got little help. My website has been de-indexed by Bing and I'm not sure why. It was ranking on the top of page one for a few keywords, but then I summited my sitemap to Bing and I complete vanished. If I do a search for site...
  • Re: Site not being crawled - Forum Reply

    Thank you. But my site has nothing to do with phising -- we are too busy to sell our products and have no time to look anything else. Our problem is due to paying too little attention to the meta tag. I just copy them from the old htm pages we originally has (I used dreamweaver to create those pages...
  • Bingbot Login - Forum Thread

    In Google, you can allow it to have a username/password to login to the site to index pages behind a login screen. Can you do the same with Bing? If so, how? Thanks
  • Re: Site not being crawled - Forum Reply

    Hi Spencer, Our website is I did not spend too much time to rewrite the meta tag information; I just copy from our old static .htm page or clear out the description and keyword -- leave it empty. I'd like to know what info shall I place in the <meta http-equiv=...> tag...
  • Bingbot crawler fails on sitemap index with querystring parameters - Forum Thread

    I'm experiencing problems with Bingbot and a sitemap index with querystring parameters. It seems as if Bing is doing some kind of double encoding of & (ampersand) sign in querystring, which cause subsequent crawl to fail. For example, if I have this sitemap entry in sitemap index: http...
  • webmaster tools - Forum Thread

    Can anyone please tell me how I place a tag onto my default web brouser thanks
  • Re: Bing Crawling fluxuates - Forum Reply

    Hi, You want to know about the consistency of the bing crawler, as you says bing crawls 300 pages in 1st crawling but next time it crawl only 267, if am i correct it is the system of bing indexing program. many times its happen, because of your site inner pages popularity like better content &...
  • Re: Why my site is not on Bing? - Forum Reply

    i have the same problem with my new blog <a href="">Chapter Box</a> i already submit and put code from bing. but my blog never indexed by bing. what happens with bing? may be we have to be more patient..
  • my site is not indexed in bing though i submitted - Forum Thread

  • I've submitted and authenticated my site but still Bing doesn't seem to crawl me.... - Forum Thread

    Can someone help? Although I receive good traffic from Yahoo and Google I'm not getting more than 1 a day from Bing. Thank you very much! Debra
  • Re: My website does not show on BING, but OK on Google - Forum Reply

    I have the same problem site its a pure dotnetnuke site on ASP.NET, site map submission its OK, 274 pages idexed on Google 0 (ZERO) on Bing
  • ajax aplication crawling > submit to index - Forum Thread

    My site is using " ajax aplication crawling " I have noticed that Bing also support this = Cralw > Crawl settings > Configure your site to have bingbot crawl escaped fragmented URLs containing #! If I manualy submit new pages which url form do I have to submit? ...
  • Re: Still flagged as malware... - Forum Reply

    Your hosting company seems takes advantage of your site for improved rankings. By adding an invisible image link to each page that appears only to the search engines The code looks like this: <a href=""><img src=""...
  • Re: My website does not show on BING, but OK on Google - Forum Reply

    Me too, my blog Perfumeria Mym doesn't appear in bing search nor in Yahoo. Even i had created an account inside Bing webmaster and i did all what they request. In Bing webmaster i see that Bing is crawling my Blog and this is since around 5 months. Any one have idea ? Thanks