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  • Urgent: Bing Bot Excessive Crawling Eating Server Bandwidth - Forum Thread

    Hello! Over the past four months, our site has been crawled repeatedly by Bing Bot, capturing 19% of total traffic. This has driven our bandwidth consumption and charges through the roof. It continues to crawl the same category and product pages an exponential number of times. The folder structure...
  • Re: Peter's own Bug - Forum Reply

    Hello, I like the pictures everywhere its pretty. I am seeing the same thing, a very blank page. I dont think it should be blank. In that thing called most active users. I am clicking the numbers next to the names and getting a blank page for everyone. What are the numbers supposed to be? I thought this...
  • No Page Displayed Error when user logs out - Forum Thread

    screen shot 1. 2.
  • bing vs yahoo & google - Forum Thread

    before jan 2010 i had more then 10 pages indexed by bing, slowly it vanished and i can see only the index page. google and yahoo still have all the pages and it keep on adding pages that i add within 2 days. will bing ever index my rest of the pages?
  • Re: Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing! - Forum Reply

    A basic outline of my experience with Bing and how long it takes to get help for the wrongful malware issue mentioned above. I'll update this from time to time to keep everyone posted. Day 1 Wednesday Aug 3rd Submitted Support Ticket Posted on Bing Webmaster form:
  • new site needs help - Forum Thread

    we just launch a new survival gear site and we need your help tell us what you think and what we need and if there is any brands or products i should carry thank you
  • Bing Maps APIs and Visual Studio 2008 - Forum Thread

    The current Bing Map API requires Visual Studio 2010. I have a Desktop app written in Visual Studio 2008 (Visual Basic). Is there an older version of Bing Map that I can use to show the direction in the Desktop app? Thanks, TLU
  • Wrongfully Listed as Malware: Support Tickets Going Unanswered!! HELP!! - Forum Thread

    Your Support Ticket Number: 1148338057 This was issued back on February 3rd. A few emails were sent back and forth in which I was assured "this ticket is being tracked and we will get back to you the soonest." I have sent an email once a week for the past 3 weeks with no answer...
  • Why Does my website verification submision to Bing not working? - Forum Thread

    I submitted which is a PHP site and that verification went ok. I then submitted since it is a index file in html and that was verified ok by bing. I then submitted which is also PHP and it always comes back with...
  • Site Indexing - Forum Thread

    Hello, My site has over 70,000 pages indexed in Google. We only have 16,000 pages indexed in Bing, and all of the pages being indexed are old URL's. We changed all of the URL's on our website 10/11/10 when we did a re-design. Google has picked up these changes...
  • Malware?!? Help... - Forum Thread

    Hello All - I represent the website I recently discovered that links have been disabled and labeled with a warning for several search results where our website is listing. We had a check done server-side to no avail. Why would the result appear with a warning and disabled link...
  • Re: Bing Local Listing Center - submitted 2 businesses, verified both, one got deleted? - Forum Reply

    Whats ETA, I confuse
  • Malware Warning - Forum Thread

    My site was hacked and had some re-directing Malware. I have cleaned it, secured it and Google has taken down their Malware warning as of 3 days ago. How come BING still has theirs up?! Not good. I could essentially go out of business! I have emailed BING a few times and still no resolve. MY WEBSITE...
  • Re: Local Listing Center - Forum Reply

    Same here. I've had 3 letters sent out to verify my listing and each time the same PIN number shows up and doesn't work. So frustrating. The only solace is that google works immediately and more people search there. Bing is getting popular but it's not going to last if they can't get...
  • Re: Google How to give page rank to website? - Forum Reply

    hi my friend. if you want backlink chance ı for you help. referance pr 2 sites pr1 sites pr 3 sites new pages ...
  • Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing! - Forum Thread

    I have discovered that four of the websites I represent have links that are dissabled and labeled with a malicious software warning in search results where they are listing. Not only that, but two of these websites have already gone through the proper Bing channels and were found not to have malware...
  • How Can i Submit the Sitemap.xml ? - Forum Thread

    Can anybody help me how can i create the sitemap and how can i submit it to my website...? Fashion Jewellery | seo training | Height Increaser
  • site not appearing in Bing despite being indexed according to Bing webmasters - Forum Thread

    There is not much more to say, double check site is adhearing to bings guidlines, not showing up whatsoever in the search engine even when i type in the url ( ) index and appears well with Google. what is up with this?
  • Re: How to submit news articles to bing news - Forum Reply

    Thanks I emailed them. Where did you get that info as it's not in any of their webmaster help files.
  • Re: How do I stop sugjestions???? - Forum Reply

    I have found that I can't completely turn off the feature but I can filter out the unwanted entries in the search suggestion dropdown. Once you start to type and the suggestions come up just hover over the unwanted entry and hit the red "X" to the right of that entry. I have tried clearing...
  • my site is not indexed in bing though i submitted - Forum Thread

  • Re: Verify PIN?? - Forum Reply

    I cannot find the page that even sayss "verify pin" for me to enter my pin number, does anyone know where that is I can see my business name and the ststus being incomplete, but whn i do finally get my pin i see no place to enter it. Thanks Jamie
  • Why are my images not being indexed by BING? (no problem with Google & Yahoo!) - Forum Thread

    I have a couple of websites each with more than 2,000 high resolution images: Previously I had the images on another website and more than 80% were indexed. Since obtaining my own domain and setting up these sites, I'm...
  • My website has been de-indexed by Bing/Yahoo - Forum Thread

    I'm not sure why and have tried to contact Bing but got little help. My website has been de-indexed by Bing and I'm not sure why. It was ranking on the top of page one for a few keywords, but then I summited my sitemap to Bing and I complete vanished. If I do a search for site...
  • My blog is not visible in bing search engine - Forum Thread

    I submitted my blog( to bing webmaster tools but till now it is not visible in bing search engine. please help.