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  • RE: how quickly the index by bing ? - Forum Reply

    i have same problem at my site, its new like 2 month ( KPSS Konu Anlatımı ) i dont have any problem with google or yandex index but bing only 2 page index, i use bing webmaster tools and add manuel url that was index but no automatic index :S For exp. if use google+ and google webmaster tools googlebot...
  • Home page not in index - HELP - Forum Thread

    Hello, I've a website 10 years old but my home page not in Bing's index, Help me please to resolve it. URL: bodylingerie dot com Thanks in advance, Alex G.
  • Index in Bing and in Google - Forum Thread

    My site Xem phim online have submitted a site map to Bing and Google, too. Althought i have submitted a site map to Bing before Google, but index from Bing very little. So can you explain me? PHIMHDVIETNAM.COM xem phim online xem phim xem phim 18+ xem phim HD
  • Index in Bing is smaller than index in Google - Forum Thread

    My site Joomla Download have submitted a site map to Bing and Google, too. Althought i have submitted a site map to Bing before Google, but index from Bing very little. So can you explain me?
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • Bing IS CRUSHING My Web Site PLEASE HELP !!!! - Forum Thread

    Bing is indexing my site 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is nothing more than a Denial of Service Attack.. Actual Reading from BING - Clicks 8, impressions- 126, Pages indexed- 858, pages crawled- 48,662 at the time of this writting my site has 10 YES 10 BING robots crawling my Site GOD MAKE...
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • how to let Bing index images and Silverlight videos on my website - Forum Thread

    Does anybody know how to let Bing index images and silverlight videos on the webiste? My requirement is something like below: Search video name on Bing Video search will show my video on result page, and so do for the images. Should I add something to sitemap.xml or modify html code for my web...
  • my site is not indexed in bing though i submitted - Forum Thread

  • Re: GOOGLE vs BING - Forum Reply

    basic is the simple. Bing Bot is Very slow mySite google index about 500 and Bing n/a 55555 see my site payday loans no checking account | flm loans | no fax payday loans | quick and easy payday loans | payday loans comparison | direct payday lenders | payday loans sameday | txt loans | payday...
  • Re: Bing Does Not Index | Crawles Only Monthly | Single Page Indexing In Bing - Forum Reply

    Great observations, alpesh :) And thanks for providing such a comprehensive overview. I've got some new ideas on "how to" thanks to you.
  • Re: web design hyderabad - Forum Reply

    CONQUERORS Technologies is a committed company that gives you the power to outsource, web design, web site development, Social Networks, Blogs, web hosting, CMS(Content Management Systems), SEO, testing solutions, E-Commerce, software design, custom software programming, and other programming work...
  • Why Does my website verification submision to Bing not working? - Forum Thread

    I submitted which is a PHP site and that verification went ok. I then submitted since it is a index file in html and that was verified ok by bing. I then submitted which is also PHP and it always comes back with...
  • 4 months and site still not indexed!! - Forum Thread

    My site has been live for over 4 months and Bing does not know it exists, how slow and frustrating is Bing...I've submitted the URL a few times now and I don't know else to do (I suppose I could forget Bing exists)
  • Site Indexing - Forum Thread

    Hello, My site has over 70,000 pages indexed in Google. We only have 16,000 pages indexed in Bing, and all of the pages being indexed are old URL's. We changed all of the URL's on our website 10/11/10 when we did a re-design. Google has picked up these changes...
  • Website Homepage no long showing up for main keyword search, was #6 - Forum Thread

    Hello, Our website, was recently number 6 on the search list of the first page for our biggest keyword, "Lake Anna". All of a sudden, our homepage is no longer appearing if you search for Lake Anna, anywhere. Our site is still indexed with Bing and Yahoo and is fine...
  • Re: Why indexed pages keep decreasing? - Forum Reply

    We are also having similar issues, for years we have done very well with our page rankings in Bing, but in the last few weeks we seem to have dropped of the index almost completely. Our site is and when we do a "Fetch as Bingbot" we get random errors like: Status...
  • My website is not crawled and indexed by Bing - Forum Thread

    My Website has not been indexed and when I try Mark up Validator and put my website url there it gives me an error -> Something appears to be incorrect, preventing us from showing you data. Please check your markup for inclusion and accuracy...
  • Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Thread

    I have a question to pose to the community at large. I have been a webmaster for several years and recently started a website for a friends retail store Goldis Jewelry a Jewelry design house By Jewelry Artisans but something that i have noticed over the past few years and even more prominent recently...
  • When will my site be indexed? - Forum Thread

    I'm the webmaster of EOWI and on one fine day my site was removed from Bing and Yahoo. I wrote about this issue to Yahoo and I was advised to contact Bing Support Team. Finally I wrote about this issue to Bing Support team on 20th October and I got the reply on the very other day. I was surprised...
  • Re: ::::::::::::PLEASE READ FAQ'S AND SEARCH BEFORE POSTING:::::::::::: - Forum Reply

    Archie Watt Could everybody PLEASE read the FAQ's and SEARCH the forums for threads that may answer your question BEFORE you post. The search function is here: - click on the "find content in the Bing Community" link. I know it's not well shown but it seems that's all Bing...
  • Re: List of Advisory Threads - Forum Reply

    I am interested to know about the "Wrong Region Targeted". Do you meant that Bing specifically index webpages based on specific location? So when people in the specific region make search that means all the search result that comes out first are website from the specific region itself?
  • Site disappeared off of Bing ????? - Forum Thread

    I updated (replaced) the website I had created for my brother's business around April 2nd, and then I added to the bing webmaster tools under my id. Up until 3 days ago it kept telling me that the site was last crawled on 3/25/2010. ok, annoying but I waited, .Now the sites...
  • Re: Why bing crawler is very very slow in indexing my site? - Forum Reply

    I have also heard that Bing prefers to find and index sites on their own. They are a search engine that prefers it this way.
  • Bingbot crawler fails on sitemap index with querystring parameters - Forum Thread

    I'm experiencing problems with Bingbot and a sitemap index with querystring parameters. It seems as if Bing is doing some kind of double encoding of & (ampersand) sign in querystring, which cause subsequent crawl to fail. For example, if I have this sitemap entry in sitemap index: http...