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  • Urgent: Bing Bot Excessive Crawling Eating Server Bandwidth - Forum Thread

    Hello! Over the past four months, our site has been crawled repeatedly by Bing Bot, capturing 19% of total traffic. This has driven our bandwidth consumption and charges through the roof. It continues to crawl the same category and product pages an exponential number of times. The folder structure...
  • Re: How do I stop sugjestions???? - Forum Reply

    I have found that I can't completely turn off the feature but I can filter out the unwanted entries in the search suggestion dropdown. Once you start to type and the suggestions come up just hover over the unwanted entry and hit the red "X" to the right of that entry. I have tried clearing...
  • my site is not indexed in bing though i submitted - Forum Thread

  • website problem when listed in Bing - Forum Thread

    My website comes up very early in the Bing listing using important keywords. Problem is, when you click on it you don't connect to the site. It says there is a connection problem. There is no problem within Google and Yahoo listings. Also, if you click on the pages of my site listed on the side of...
  • Re: My website does not show on BING, but OK on Google - Forum Reply

    I have the same problem site its a pure dotnetnuke site on ASP.NET, site map submission its OK, 274 pages idexed on Google 0 (ZERO) on Bing
  • Bing Games Not Playing Anymore - Forum Thread

    We just got the new Bing bar that has the games on the end of it. My daughter was playing a few of these games a couple of days ago. But now when she selects a game, only a blank box appears where the game used to load and play. I have no idea what happened.
  • Bing is not crawling my home page... - Forum Thread

    Hello Bing community. I've been running a Joomla-based CPR website for close to two years ( Before early December, I've been ranking highly for several keywords in both Bing and Yahoo. Recently, my site's homepage was completely dropped from Bing/Yahoo's...
  • Re: Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing! - Forum Reply

    A basic outline of my experience with Bing and how long it takes to get help for the wrongful malware issue mentioned above. I'll update this from time to time to keep everyone posted. Day 1 Wednesday Aug 3rd Submitted Support Ticket Posted on Bing Webmaster form:
  • Bing Beta System flagging us as Dangerous Downloads too - Forum Thread

    It has been over 6 weeks since Bing has flagged our website with this warning.... There is NO downloadable content on our site!! We have had third party companies test our site, with all to find our site clean. How can this take 4-6 weeks to fix when it takes a company testing our site a few minutes...
  • Re: GOOGLE vs BING - Forum Reply

    basic is the simple. Bing Bot is Very slow mySite google index about 500 and Bing n/a 55555 see my site payday loans no checking account | flm loans | no fax payday loans | quick and easy payday loans | payday loans comparison | direct payday lenders | payday loans sameday | txt loans | payday...
  • Re: web design hyderabad - Forum Reply

    CONQUERORS Technologies is a committed company that gives you the power to outsource, web design, web site development, Social Networks, Blogs, web hosting, CMS(Content Management Systems), SEO, testing solutions, E-Commerce, software design, custom software programming, and other programming work...
  • Wrongfully Listed as Malware: Support Tickets Going Unanswered!! HELP!! - Forum Thread

    Your Support Ticket Number: 1148338057 This was issued back on February 3rd. A few emails were sent back and forth in which I was assured "this ticket is being tracked and we will get back to you the soonest." I have sent an email once a week for the past 3 weeks with no answer...
  • Why Does my website verification submision to Bing not working? - Forum Thread

    I submitted which is a PHP site and that verification went ok. I then submitted since it is a index file in html and that was verified ok by bing. I then submitted which is also PHP and it always comes back with...
  • Silverlight Install - Forum Thread

    So - tell me - Is the only way you can get Silverlight installed on systems to force website users to install it? That's the way the webmaster tools are - and being forced to do anything is a source of resentment. Until notified that this demand is changed (the world will have HTML5 &...
  • Check out the non-Silverlight beta of the Webmaster Tools - Forum Thread

    Check out the non-Silverlight beta of the Webmaster Tools
  • Wrong listing and address - Forum Thread

    A while back I submitted my own Page for listing. When I viewed a listing under Csi Poll it an incorrect heading and had a wrong website address It was listed my as being on the now defunct Wesite We Want Liz Vassey in The 11th season. I left that site a month or so ago, and began my own at http://www...
  • Removing Personal Information off results - Forum Thread

    Hello! Will someone please advice with what steps to take with the following problem: We are a business in MD, however when searching our business name on, the owners PERSONAL HOME address shows up in the results (as well as the correct busniess address) which is completely unacceptable....
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • with-www and no-www - Forum Thread

    Bing's listing for a site of mine uses a no-www url ( rather than which lead to an error page. I'd be grateful for advice on how to sort this.
  • Bing IS CRUSHING My Web Site PLEASE HELP !!!! - Forum Thread

    Bing is indexing my site 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is nothing more than a Denial of Service Attack.. Actual Reading from BING - Clicks 8, impressions- 126, Pages indexed- 858, pages crawled- 48,662 at the time of this writting my site has 10 YES 10 BING robots crawling my Site GOD MAKE...
  • Limited Autofill - Forum Thread

    Is there any plans to expand the Autofill feature to include other countries, such as Canada. Bing is used beyond the 50 States and I think that Autofill is a bit restrictive not to recognize that fact.
  • Bing does not recognize or list my site!! - Forum Thread

    I submitted a site map to google a few months ago, a text one, and have had no difficulty getting google to crawl my site, along with yahoo and other search engines. Why can I not get my site recognized on Bing? the site is: Please reply to:
  • When will my site be indexed? - Forum Thread

    I'm the webmaster of EOWI and on one fine day my site was removed from Bing and Yahoo. I wrote about this issue to Yahoo and I was advised to contact Bing Support Team. Finally I wrote about this issue to Bing Support team on 20th October and I got the reply on the very other day. I was surprised...
  • My blog is not visible in bing search engine - Forum Thread

    I submitted my blog( to bing webmaster tools but till now it is not visible in bing search engine. please help.
  • web design hyderabad - Forum Thread

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