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  • Suggestion for Bing Interface - Menu Link for "Mail" - Forum Thread

    Since is redirecting to - It would be useful to have a link to from Bing menu. Alteast in Extras it should be included - so that any one can just click to mail in one hop ! cheers BALA
  • Ranking Well on Bing? SEO? - Forum Thread

    Hello, I currently write for , so when a new search engine system pops up, I'm very interested in doing what I can to rank well. I've read the following tips on ranking high in Bing, but was just wondering if anyone had a few more suggestions or success stories...
  • Re: Which is most important in SEO? - Forum Reply

    Interesting question Leo. Especially coming from someone trying to drive traffic to an seo business... Ok, if folks want to know the single biggest thing that matters in the world of SEO, I'll explain it. Straight from inside Bing, here's your answer... Content. Now, Neyaz answered "...
  • How Can i Submit the Sitemap.xml ? - Forum Thread

    Can anybody help me how can i create the sitemap and how can i submit it to my website...? Fashion Jewellery | seo training | Height Increaser
  • How to get top ranking in bing - Forum Reply

    i have an issue on bing ranking my website is static my keywords voodoo down regularly how i can reach on top position in bing what task i can follow to reach on top please share some suggestion to get them ranking and if have some good sites for high ranking please shared them.
  • Re: What the hell???? - Forum Reply

    Yes. As far as I'm concerned Bing sucks so far. They are not and I reapeat not crawling sites. That is the problem end of story. Until they can fix that they will not be a viable search engine.
  • Re: Bing has removed many of my pages from its index - Forum Reply

    Mine just started doing that on the other day, I had 89 pages index however, I use up my 50 url submits for the month on April 19 2011 and from then, my site has not updated nor has it been crawl and my index pages a dropped. Think all you need to do is to wait until the months finish and your...
  • Re: Bing UK Business Directory? - Forum Reply

    The listing is not currently offered directly but the current data already supplied by Bing UK is from a company called This might not be included with new submissions but this is the majority of the current results database. The US however you need a local number and a...
  • webmaster tools - Forum Thread

    Can anyone please tell me how I place a tag onto my default web brouser thanks
  • Bing has doubled my site traffic - Forum Thread

    According to Google Analytics, Bing has doubled my site traffic this month. Any ideas why? Keep up the good work anyway Bing! site owner:
  • How do i Get more traffic - Forum Thread

    I'm a new blogger and have lots of tips on seo... buh i still feel im nt doing it right.. Can someone pls check up my blog and tell me what it needs i'll be very grateful. ANd how to draw traffic there
  • Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? - Forum Thread Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? Please webmaster friends help advice
  • How can I add video on Bing - Forum Thread

    I have a informative video for my clients need to know how can add to bing
  • Re: How blog helps to increase traffic on our website ?? - Forum Reply

    We have to Setup A BLOG for website. Blogs naturally attract search engine traffic. I sugest you many tips to run a blog and blog postings. I have 5 Tips for you 1: Lucrative Keyword Choices 2: Keyword Placement - In Title and In Keywords While Posting 3: Timely Posting - Time to time update the...
  • Re: web design hyderabad - Forum Reply

    CONQUERORS Technologies is a committed company that gives you the power to outsource, web design, web site development, Social Networks, Blogs, web hosting, CMS(Content Management Systems), SEO, testing solutions, E-Commerce, software design, custom software programming, and other programming work...
  • Re: My website does not show on BING, but OK on Google - Forum Reply

    Me too, my blog Perfumeria Mym doesn't appear in bing search nor in Yahoo. Even i had created an account inside Bing webmaster and i did all what they request. In Bing webmaster i see that Bing is crawling my Blog and this is since around 5 months. Any one have idea ? Thanks
  • Why Does my website verification submision to Bing not working? - Forum Thread

    I submitted which is a PHP site and that verification went ok. I then submitted since it is a index file in html and that was verified ok by bing. I then submitted which is also PHP and it always comes back with...
  • SEO for Search Engine - Forum Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel and it's nice to "e" meet you. I will formally introduce myself before begin to blurb about the current SEO situation which is going on here. I've been practicing SEO professionally since 2008 that believes in 'white hat' SEO. I am also an owner...
  • Re: one "gap" will stop many webmasters using Bing - Forum Reply

    Already Bing Webmaster console is up and running at - You can now submit yout site/blog sitemaps and get the sites indexed for all your regions/countries. All you need is to specify the country preference in the console so that it can take preference while indexing. Hope...
  • Site Indexing - Forum Thread

    Hello, My site has over 70,000 pages indexed in Google. We only have 16,000 pages indexed in Bing, and all of the pages being indexed are old URL's. We changed all of the URL's on our website 10/11/10 when we did a re-design. Google has picked up these changes...
  • Re: What is mean by Referral Visitors? - Forum Reply

    Hi William. :) Typically, the phrases mean basically this: referral = anyone who has been sent to you from an outside source, whether that's a search engine, a website, an app, etc. This ocunt does not include people who have navigated around inside your site - that type of data surfaces under...
  • Re: How can i submit my blog to be indexed by bing? - Forum Reply

    Hi Jackin, Thanks for your response. It worked great. Cheers DigitalGH
  • Bing Does Not Index | Crawles Only Monthly | Single Page Indexing In Bing - Forum Thread

    Dear All, Let me share this with you all. bing does not index my site is a common question here"I agree it does not" Reasons and The facts that i have noticed are as below: 1) You Site's index page is crawled but not the other pages. ( Which means You Site does not have any technical...
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • Re: how to optimize site for BING - Forum Reply

    I'm also trying to optimize my site to rank in bing... any suggestions is appreciated... Miniclip | Miniclip Games | Star doll