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  • bing vs google? - Forum Thread

    What would you sugest using .uk or {Link removed by moderator} thank you
  • RE: Simple SEO Trick For Bing - Forum Reply

    Overall like other , Bing is also like new unique content and good as well as quality back links so just we should to try to get quality backlinks and should to update site with unique content.
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    As per my concern, We should to do bing submission. then after need to submit xml sitemap in bing webmaster tool then after I hope bing will crawl and indexed the site or page.
  • SEO of e-commerce based website - Forum Thread

    Hello Friends, Can any one suggest me the latest strategy of promoting ecommerce based website in proper way to get rank in Google or in other search engine. Looking for earlier reply.
  • SEO question regarding rank in Bing ? - Forum Thread

    Hello Friends, Please suggest me some useful point. I just want to know 1 thing. Is it easy to get a organic rank in Bing in compare of Google and other search engine. Looking for earlier positive reply. Thanks
  • Bing verification through WIX site - Forum Thread

    I understand that if I am to verify my site through Bing, I have to change my domain name servers (Wix does not support the Bing verification upload). My question: Wix says I have to change my name servers back to my domain host to change server names... does this affect the site host (Wix)? Does this...
  • Ranking well in Google (over the last two years) cant catch a break in Bing - Forum Thread

    I have always worked to appear well on Google. With the increase in traffic on Bing/Yahoo I'm looking to replicate the same sort of success. I have spoken to Microsoft customer support, and although they have tried to be helpful, the information really is of low quality. I use a couple of products...
  • Why can't Bing properly index the Houston Chronicle site? - Forum Thread

    I generally like using Bing, from the nice daily picture, the rewards, among other things. I usually get the results I want. However, Bing seems to have a terrible time indexing the primary newspaper of the United States' 4th largest city: Houston. I usually have a paper version of the Houston...
  • How can yahoo, google, and bing crawl the same website and index a different number of pages? - Forum Thread

    Google has indexed all the pages of my website 28, Yahoo only indexed 6 and Bing 1. The links for all of the pages are on the first page of the website. Any clue? Thanks
  • RE: Index in Bing is smaller than index in Google - Forum Reply

    you are right. Bing do not fast index. But Google is best. but Bing only index pages with quality, ignore the poor quality pages.
  • RE: How do I check backlinks in bing - Forum Reply

    For Bing: Go and paste your website like "" put bing search as like- . For Google: Go and paste your website like "" put Google search as like-
  • RE: Is Bing better than Google? - Forum Reply

    Present time Google is number 1 on Search Engine market, but Bing is looking Rock and going on right way in future we can say Bing is also super. Each of the search engines is unique in its own special way. Both Bing and Google are good and I don't like to put any of them down. Google is not boring...
  • the difference of Google and Bing - Forum Thread

    Hi, It is acceptable that each search engine has its own algorithm and produce different results for the same searched words, the amount of search results should not be different such a large scale. As I searched I get 63900 results at Google search engine, but just only...
  • Why do many of my websites rank better in Google than Yahoo and Bing for the same keywords ? - Forum Thread

    I have a number of tools l use to check page results for certain keywords and l find that most of my websites rank far better in Google than they do in Yahoo and Bing. Can anyone provide some answers for this situation and possibly offer some advice to improve the Bing & Yahoo search results...
  • google april fool - Forum Thread

    google made two april fools . first is google nose and second they are showing false visitors in google analytics. so funny.
  • Challenges of Testing Data - Is it Really 73°F in Seattle right now? – by Cyril Bouanna - Blog Post

    Cyril Bounanna is a Senior Development Lead for the Bing Data Quality and Measurement Team. Today he presents to us a real-life scenario that software engineers and testers encounter when they are building Bing. *** Software engineers have developed a lot of expertise and solutions to assess code...
  • Microsoft Bing Team Recruiting Event In Dublin, Ireland May 2012 - Blog Post

    Want to change the world? Want to make the Web a better place? Microsoft Bing is hiring the next innovator! We are heading to Dublin, Ireland to interview the best engineers from all over Europe for this quest! Will you be the LUCKY one? Have you ever considered relocating to the U...
  • Meet Wayne, Senior Program Manager - Blog Post

    I am a Senior Program Manager in the DCS - Site Selection and Analytics group within our Online Services Division. Much of my work entails supporting the team that makes the decisions on which locations to build or lease our next datacenter site. Currently we are figuring out where to grow our datacenter...
  • Management Excellence - by Eugenia Sawa - Blog Post

    As we head into the NBA Finals, my mind turns to Erik Spoelstra and the unique situation he is in. With the finals starting tonight, I think about how Erik Spoelstra’s role as head coach of the Miami Heat, a team of very strong individual players each with their own strengths translates to the...
  • Things To Do In Toronto - Blog Post

    Visit Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant Check out the Hockey Hall of Fame See the Distillery District And more importantly, attend the CIKM Conference ! Calling all Developers and Researchers! Microsoft’s Bing team will be attending the CIKM conference in Toronto! We are very excited...
  • A Design Team with Soul - Laura Kern - Blog Post

    Sometimes it really feels good to be where you are. Like now. I wouldn’t trade the positive press and love letters from customers that Bing design has been getting for much of anything . ( “Microsoft is out innovating Google, especially in design... ”) I don’t say that to sound...
  • Scouting For Talent - by Brian Christensen - Blog Post

    Working as a Staffing Consultant within Online Services Division here at Microsoft, I am constantly reminded that my job has a lot of similar aspects to sports and trying to put together a team that is set up to win. While watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals this past weekend, I noticed the intricacies...
  • Meet Elad , A Senior Software Development Engineer from the Bing Mobile Team/Israel - Blog Post

    I was following Microsoft as a hobbyist programmer ever since I was a geeky teenager. I always thought it would be an incredibly interesting company to work for and indeed it is. In the past I felt that Microsoft had lost some of the focus as it became very big and tried to do too many things. However...
  • Microsoft’s Best Presents at NANOG55 Event - by Petr Lapukhov - Blog Post

    North American Network Operator Group, or NANOG , is an open forum bringing together network engineers from the US/Canada’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and enterprises. The main goals of NANOG meetings are exchanging ideas, presenting designs, giving tutorials, learning new things...
  • Why Should You Talk to a Recruiter, You Ask? I’ll Tell You - by Andrea LaCoy - Blog Post

    I think that everyone would agree with the statement that we live in a world that is ever changing and always evolving. The standard way of doing things in the past are being replaced with the better, faster, more efficient versions and this can been seen in almost everything we do. Making a career change...