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  • RE: Not indexed - Forum Reply

    I had submitted a new Job Site Recruitment News in bing webmaster tool. How long it will take to index in Bing Search ?
  • No rankings in bing but site is indexed! - Forum Thread

    I am pulling my hair out with my Bing and Yahoo! rankings for a client, who's website has been fully cached by Bing and Yahoo! But is not showing - this is what I've done: Got Bing Webmaster Tools (no malware or problems reported), submitted robots.txt and XML sitemap, checked using site: and...
  • RE: how quickly the index by bing ? - Forum Reply

    plz teach me to index subdomain by bing thank you.
  • One of my sites is completely desindexed ! - Forum Thread

    Hello Since 1 or 2 months one of my sites is completely desindexed by Bing. All is OK with GG. In WMT I have 0 indexed pages, 0 clics... When I force the sitemap.xml (in Configure my site/sitemap) the answer is 'failed' Any Idea ??
  • Why is my site no longer indexed on Bing? - Forum Thread

    I have not changed anything on my site. My site has been indexed by Bing since 2005, and now, to date, not one link is indexed. What happened? I checked with and etc, but nothing. I have tried the variables with www and http:// and with just the name of the site, but notta. I...
  • Why is my site no longer indexed by Bing? - Forum Thread

    I have not changed anything on my site. My site was indexed by Bing since 2005, and now, to date, not one link is indexed. What happened? I checked with and etc, but nothing. I have tried the variables with www and httP:// and with just the name of the site, but notta. I also...
  • Why bing doesn't Index Websites Faster?? - Forum Thread

    hi , i have a general but most important question and i don't know why bing doesn't work it out. i submitted a site on bing and google at the same time, it has been about 2 months now, and google has indexed about 190 pages out of total 200, while bing has indexed just about 40 pages. Another...
  • Home page not in index - HELP - Forum Thread

    Hello, I've a website 10 years old but my home page not in Bing's index, Help me please to resolve it. URL: bodylingerie dot com Thanks in advance, Alex G.
  • RE: Index in Bing is smaller than index in Google - Forum Reply

    you are right. Bing do not fast index. But Google is best. but Bing only index pages with quality, ignore the poor quality pages.
  • RE: URGENT!! not indexing my new pages - Forum Reply

    My site seemed not indexed as well..
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • My website is not indexed by Bing Search - Forum Thread

    Hello My website is not indexed by Bing Search Engine. Not even the homepage. website url is I have 301 redirect non www to www. hope this is not causing any problem. I too have other website without any pagerank but indexed in bing.
  • Boulder: Bird’s Eye Imagery & New State-of-the-Art Facility (by Nathan) - Blog Post

    The Bing Mobile group in Boulder, Colorado is constantly developing new areas to bring relevance to search through processing and interpreting imagery. When we last met, I had outlined the structure of our team and operations in Boulder, CO. This time around, I’d like to take some time to...
  • Meet Andrea -A Software Engineer for Bing's Index Server Team - By Amanda Papp - Blog Post

    My name is Andrea and I'm a software developer on the Bing Index Server team. We own the platform that responds to searches on Bing. It's our job to make as much of the web available as possible to people searching on Bing, makes those searches fast and reliable, and support a platform that supports...
  • Gaurav Sareen: Development Manager for the Bing Search Platforms team - Blog Post

    Gaurav Sareen is the Development Manager for the Search Platforms team. The mission of the Search Platforms team is to "accelerate the Bing team," providing a platform for building the best in class search and directly focusing on the challenges around scale, performance, reliability and cost. Gaurav...
  • Re: My Website in not Cached Yet - Forum Reply

    I checked it now and it seems that 4 pages of your website are indexed now and its very low. You should do something that Bing consider your website as important sites. For reaching to this purpose you should do two works: 1) Write better and unique content for your website and update your website...
  • Re: title and description missing in search results - Forum Reply

    Hello Hypercasinos It could be two reasons from my point of view Your site may be cached with the old title tag i think, so again submit in bing search engine. just try submitting your website in this link Or else i agree with samnwb
  • Why Bing slow indexing ? - Forum Thread

    anyone tell me why Bing index too slow ?
  • Re: Google Caffeine project- Implications for Bing? - Forum Reply

    I don't want to say Caffeine was a successful project or it wasn't. But its a truth that Bing should increase the speed of indexing websites.I think Bing's ranking algorithm is OK and it always returns best results But Bing's indexing algorithm should be changed. This project must be...
  • Can some1 help me?? - Forum Thread

    Hi, I have opened a website of my own Right now I am in no mood of increasing my backlink due to some reason but i want google and bing to index my site. I have verified my site on google and bing webmaster and increase their crawling speed to maximum but then also they...
  • GOOGLE vs BING - Forum Thread

    Hello, people ! About a month ago I've presented my website to Google and Bing. By today - Google has all my 778 pages in web index but Bing - only 2. My question is - what is REAL efficiency of Bing as a search engine if during a month it does not index a properly configured...
  • Should I have a '+' in my URL? - Forum Thread

    I own the domain, and want to build a vanity URL for CoolProduct+. Would there be any negative consequences of making my second vanity URL I read that in searches, '+' is often ignored . I'm not sure if this should be accounted...
  • Re: Indexing Issue - Forum Reply

    Hello, I think your index page is not indexed. Are you search you index page in bing if your index page show in bing SERP it means it's indexed and if not show it means that it's not indexed.
  • Re: Indexing Issue 2 - Forum Reply

    Bing is really poor in search engine. I don't think they can improve in this. I lost my hopes with Bing search Engine. I have repeatedly submitted my issue but so far no response on it. www...
  • Re: My site is not indexed as soon as today? - Forum Reply

    The fact is that your website is no longer working. It would be better if you can fix this problem first.