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  • RE: Cannot add a sitempa - Forum Reply

    Hi claudiu.creanga, You will find all the information about Submit Sitemaps to Bing here:
  • Adding Admin Rights - Forum Thread

    I've added my friend as an Admin to help me modify my Bing webmaster as he's more familiar with these tech stuff, but why is it that he's not able to see or modify my settings? Even after changing to Read/Modify, he's still not able to help me to submit my sitemap. What should be the...
  • can I submit Sitemaps for multiple domains? - Forum Thread

    hello, I need to know if I can submit one sitemap for multiple domains, like google in webmaster tool ( ) I'm trying to read about this in the bing webmaster help but I can't find anything. thanks bye
  • Install Bing Sitemap Plugin in Wordpress? - Forum Thread

    How can i install this in my wordpress blog? XML sitemap site still possible for Bing?
  • RE: Problem with Sitemap - Forum Reply

    i think you can submit yoru sitemap by webmaster tools. normally most of search engines index everything. reliable seo
  • Several sitemaps - Forum Thread

    Hello. How to submit several sitemaps? I mean my website has more than 400.000 pages.
  • Re: No map appearing - Forum Reply

    How can I submit Sitemap to Bing
  • web design hyderabad - Forum Thread

    The Conquerors Technologies Provides top range SEO services in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, We are the top SEO service Providers with Proven results. With our SEO Hyderabad services you can get good Traffic to your website and google Ranking and Page rank as well.Our success is based on our vision of...
  • Masking Dynamic URL's - Forum Thread

    Hello Bing Community, Our company decided to mask our dynamic URL's with the intention to make them user-friendly. However, about 2 months later, and 1 month of having submitted a sitemap to Bing, our rankings are still way down if compared to prior the URL masking. I have two questions...
  • Re: Google How to give page rank to website? - Forum Reply

    hi my friend. if you want backlink chance ı for you help. referance pr 2 sites pr1 sites pr 3 sites new pages ...
  • submit more than one sitemap - Forum Thread

    Is it possible to submit more than one sitemap from a single site for lots of domains? e.g. for the domains ..... can I submit all the sitemaps from mydomain1 like so ?
  • How Can i Submit the Sitemap.xml ? - Forum Thread

    Can anybody help me how can i create the sitemap and how can i submit it to my website...? Fashion Jewellery | seo training | Height Increaser
  • Unable to add a sitemap - please help - Forum Thread

    I use Joomla Xmap plugin on my site which directs me to use following path to my sitemap: I was successful in using the above for registering the sitemap with Google and Yahoo, Bing however keeps rejecting it. Can anyone help...
  • Re: Sitemap Submit - Forum Reply

    Actually,I have one question that if I submit the sitemap to google yet then if I tend to submit the sitemap to bing or yahoo..what will happen to my site related to football boot sale ?
  • HTTP 400-499 erros - Forum Thread

    Bing reports 36 pages with errors HTTP 400-499. However, the list of pages include pages that does not exists and are not in my sitemap.xml. I'm listing below a portion of my sitemap.xml. The majority of pages are under ..Generica.aspx?qs_nome_pagina= ... If someone find an error in the...
  • Re: I have 2 seperate for forum and other for other pages.How ro submit both sitemaps - Forum Reply

    Hi, Our sitemap tool only accepts the last sitemap that you submit. If you have more than one, I suggest: 1. Submit a sitemap index file to our tool. If you don't know how to create a sitemap index file, take a look at the information located at 2....
  • Sitemap - Forum Thread

    My dashboard shows several sitemap alerts saying no sitemap is present. However when I go to that site's page it shows sitemap success and the number of URLs from the map that are indexed.
  • Re: Everything about the BING and YAHOO crawlers. - Forum Reply

    every search engine have their own rules for the search. If you are looking to increase the search, visibility and ranking i think this one of the good site name . I used for my business portal and got a great result.
  • Help, Site not being indexed - Forum Thread

    Hi, I need help figuring out what I need to do to get our website indexed. I have it set up in Webmaster Center and the sitemap has been submitted, but for two months we've only had one page indexed. It was last crawled last week, and still no changes. I've resubmitted...
  • A search for our company results in invalid link - Forum Thread

    It was brought to my attention today that when we search on our company, I'll call it thecompany, the text returned is indeed from our site. However, the URL associated with the site is http://thecompany which is invalid. The link should be . Where do I start to attempt...
  • Site maps - Forum Thread

    hello, I am fedrik.I am quiet new in bing webmaster tool.I want to know why bing did not support my rss feeds as a site map.I have a website which is But its really a worried matter for me bing still not supporting my site map.I am using blogger hosting and my site map i always use...
  • Can't select items in the page of Sitemaps! - Forum Thread

    Today,I want to change my website's path of sitemap,so i access the Sitemaps Page of Bing Webmaster,but I could't click to select items in this page. I use Google Chrome & Safari in Mac ,what's wrong with it?
  • Re: I have 2 seperate for forum and other for other pages.How ro submit both sitemaps - Forum Reply

    Please visit If you have listed and verified your website, click on your site name. Once on the main site page you would see Sitemaps in the top navbar. Click on Sitemaps You have precise instructions about how to submit a sitemap there. Use the Sitemap ping service. To...
  • Re: No Data Available - Forum Reply

    Me tooooooo..... I added one site last week, verified it, and submitted a sitemap. I understand that these things can take a little bit but the dashboard itself says it takes 3 days for new sites and it has been 6 with "No Data Available". Is this a current known issue or an isolated case...
  • Should I have a '+' in my URL? - Forum Thread

    I own the domain, and want to build a vanity URL for CoolProduct+. Would there be any negative consequences of making my second vanity URL I read that in searches, '+' is often ignored . I'm not sure if this should be accounted...