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  • Bing at Build 2014: More Personal, Intelligent and Helpful - Blog Post

    For Bing, the future of search is not about more search boxes – it’s about building a platform that enables applications and devices to empower people with knowledge and help them do more - not just search more. Today, we showcased work we did to enable Cortana on Windows Phone . By building...
  • Bing Sitemap Showing Pending. - Forum Thread

    I update my bing sitemap 5 days ago but sitemap still showing pending. Can anyone tell me how I can contact Bing so I can tell them to review this issue. Kind Regards
  • Sitemap Webmaster Tool - Time out - Forum Thread

    Today, I discovered that it is not possible to add a sitemap for my website . It is a simple sitemap wich works perfectly in other Search Engine. This is the sitemap: After I discovered that, I thought let's first add the website with the...
  • how long it takes for bing to crawl my website - Forum Thread

    I just have two questions for you. the first is how long does it take for bing to submit a listing? And the second is how long it takes for big to crawl my website? I submitted my website into Bing search engine, and side map about a month and half ago. However, I tried to find my website by searching...
  • Not indexed? - Forum Thread

    Hello, My site is being crawled but not indexed by bing. 3-4 months ago I purchased a new domain ( and forwarded by old domain(which was being indexed) to my new domain and setup bing for the new site etc etc. But I recently noticed my new site is being crawled but not indexed...
  • Site down for 2 days only and all traffic is still down - Forum Thread

    hello My Songs website is getting about 90% traffic from yahoo and bing, Due to some issues my site down for 3 days and then back on same position but my traffic is about 99% down and still down. i also again submit sitemap in bing webmaster but same situation, what is the solution to get back...
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • [Web マスター] ウェブサイトの国・言語をBingに伝える方法 - Blog Post

    伝統的なWebホスティングの代替手法として、 Windows Azure などのクラウドサービスが広まるにつれ、ドキュメントの位置情報がBingのランキングアルゴリズムの一部として使用されているのか、また、どのように使用されているのか、 多くの Web マスターの方々から問い合わせを受けています。 言い換えれば、「 ドキュメントが意図している国・地域の外で地理的にホスティングされているクラウドベースのサイトは、ランキング上不利かどうか? 」という質問です。 ドキュメントの位置情報は、ランキングを決めるために使用される 1,000 以上の機能の1つに過ぎませんが、検索ワードとの関連性を算出する上での主要素の1つといえます...
  • How To Tell Bing Your Website's Country and Language - Blog Post

    With cloud services such as Windows Azure now a viable alternative to traditional web hosting, numerous webmasters have reached out to us to ask if, and how, Bing uses the document location as a part of its ranking algorithm. In other words: does cloud-based web hosting outside of the document’s...
  • Detailed traffic stats feature now available - Blog Post

    You asked for more detailed data. We heard you. :) As part of our ongoing effort to bring more usable data forward for publishers, this week we made additional reporting improvements for your site’s traffic. Located under the Traffic tab, page traffic gives detailed information for your top...
  • Re: Hi Everybody..... - Forum Reply

    I agree with Proval. I think anyone should to know in some knowledge.
  • Re: PLS DEL THE OVERDUE cached pages OF THE changed WEB PAGE. - Forum Reply

    Where is the "webmaster tools"? And the "cache removal" page?
  • API - Export Inbound Links CSV - Forum Thread

    It appears the manual UI Export of Inbound Links is the only complete list of inbound links. Is there any way to export the Inbound Links CSV file through the API? When using LinkCount and LinkDetail objects, the API seems to be limited to 1000 LinkDetails.Details per LinkCount.Links. What good is...
  • Bing partner with Triond writers publications.. - Forum Thread

    So we at Triond can share our articles with our awesome community, please. Thank you, I for one have great articles, I would like to share.
  • Re: How bing is different from google? - Forum Reply

    The major difference in the Algorithm is how effectively each one is get ride of the spammers to ensure the SERP quality much better. There is no need to consider the page rank in this case however Google is just above Bing for Search Results relevance quality as almost everyone believes. I'm not...
  • Re: Improve Ranking - Forum Reply

    Have you ever found sudden drop in ranking at bing search engine. Everything was going good but last sunday i searched my keywords on bing and clicked them, they were all on 3 and 4 pages. I thought i will have them soon on first page. But then in evening it was not showing my site from any of the...
  • What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer? - Forum Thread

    Can someone explain the difference between a web deisgner and a web developer
  • Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? - Forum Thread Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? Please webmaster friends help advice
  • Re: Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing! - Forum Reply

    A basic outline of my experience with Bing and how long it takes to get help for the wrongful malware issue mentioned above. I'll update this from time to time to keep everyone posted. Day 1 Wednesday Aug 3rd Submitted Support Ticket Posted on Bing Webmaster form:
  • How do i get more visitors to my music site - Forum Thread

    Hello i'm a webmaster and i've built a music website for somebody.I've also installed a music forum.It's 2 months now since i don't get visitors.Can anybody talk to me about tips and SEO.I use webmaters tools on Google ,Bing and Yahoo but the result is far from satisfying me.Would...
  • Wrongfully Listed as Malware: Support Tickets Going Unanswered!! HELP!! - Forum Thread

    Your Support Ticket Number: 1148338057 This was issued back on February 3rd. A few emails were sent back and forth in which I was assured "this ticket is being tracked and we will get back to you the soonest." I have sent an email once a week for the past 3 weeks with no answer...
  • Why Does my website verification submision to Bing not working? - Forum Thread

    I submitted which is a PHP site and that verification went ok. I then submitted since it is a index file in html and that was verified ok by bing. I then submitted which is also PHP and it always comes back with...
  • Updated address & Phone # - Forum Thread

    How do I get the listing Bing has for our company information as displayed in search results? Specificaly our NEW address and phone #.
  • SEO for Search Engine - Forum Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel and it's nice to "e" meet you. I will formally introduce myself before begin to blurb about the current SEO situation which is going on here. I've been practicing SEO professionally since 2008 that believes in 'white hat' SEO. I am also an owner...
  • Feed and Sitemap not cached?? - Forum Thread

    Hi, I created webmaster account in bing and added my website in it. After some time i added ror feed and sitemap to be crawled but it is still not crawled why?? Man and Van | Man with Van