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  • how long it takes for bing to crawl my website - Forum Thread

    I just have two questions for you. the first is how long does it take for bing to submit a listing? And the second is how long it takes for big to crawl my website? I submitted my website into Bing search engine, and side map about a month and half ago. However, I tried to find my website by searching...
  • website discussion please help - Forum Thread

    hello i hope you are good i want to know how to add more then 2 different site on a single domain?? i saw some websites that has different sub directories like classifieds,directories,blogs etc on a single website.. i have a site and i want to add website submission directory script to it.. my site is...
  • Is my website SEO Friendly? - Forum Thread

    Please let me know is my website SEO friendly or there is some problem in my website. this is my website
  • How do I get my website popular? - Forum Thread

    Hey guys, my website is , and I would like it to become more popular. How do I gain popularity? Please let me know, thanks!
  • Your Free Website - Forum Thread

    Do you want your very own website for FREE? You can make money with your website. Check out this link:[affid]=104937&a[reqid]=3708&a[v]=2&a[ex]=yes&a[s1]=
  • Why is my site no longer indexed on Bing? - Forum Thread

    I have not changed anything on my site. My site has been indexed by Bing since 2005, and now, to date, not one link is indexed. What happened? I checked with and etc, but nothing. I have tried the variables with www and http:// and with just the name of the site, but notta. I...
  • RE: Bing Not Crawl My Website - Forum Reply

    hey i have the same thing with so i will like to if you found out of anything.
  • RE: Search Engine Optimization - Forum Reply

    Sir i have Recruitment website but i have many time my posts going down, what is the problem ? it is the problem related to SEO or another. Please give me suggestion i m very thankful to you.
  • Embed Bing Maps Collection into a website - Forum Thread

    After an extensive search, I can't seem to find out why the "Bing Maps" HTML code doesn't work for my collection i.e. polygons, polylines etc. For example, try embedding this code (use this HTML previewer ): <div id="mapviewer"><iframe...
  • Guest Blog: How Kids Learn - Blog Post

    "Hey, can we see Bing today?" That's how it started. Earlier this school year I began to use the Bing homepage as an attention grabber in my 21 st century classroom. Now my students ask for it! I use a digital enhancement to enrich almost each day's class. My students anticipate...
  • How do I SEO with Flash? - Forum Thread

    please visit my new website and let me know what your first impressions are and what modifications could be made to make it better. I know that it isnt SEO at the moment because it is done in FLASH. Any suggestions on how to improve SEO while using flash? Let me know what...
  • Re: Please tell me is my website ok ? - Forum Reply

    you can use benefit from Facebook and Twitter sites.Every body is now taking the benefit from these sites irrespective of the what business you are in. By twitter try to increase the number of your followers and tweet regularly something, sometimes about your business and sometimes about general topic...
  • How to promote website designing business - Forum Thread

    Hello, I've a small business and i would like to promote it and am looking for active partners/associates or investors. We offer affordable services and amazing designs. Please contact me at
  • When Will Bing Add New Verification Options - Forum Thread

    Our site is hosted by a 3rd party that does not allow us to enter html nor an xml file. We did verify our site with Google using their text dns record verification option. Will Bing add new options for verfication for people who are limited in changing their website?
  • Re: A place to learn construction - Forum Reply

    This site is really confusing. You have mixed together so many things.I suggest to use some kind of opn source website platforms like Joomla and wordpress. Because it will be way easier to create beautiful and functional site.
  • looking for feedback!!! - Forum Thread

    Hello all I was hoping you could help review and critic my site. Give me any tips or pointer on what to change or how to improve it. THANKS!!! <removed by moderator>
  • for PR backlink free change . I'm looking for friends webmaster - Forum Thread

    hi. I'm looking for friends webmaster about . for PR link change related web sites fer grup : sinyal kesci jammer nedir ? : info : çağlar network sponsor arıyorum PHP site : çağlar...
  • my site is not indexed in bing though i submitted - Forum Thread

  • What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer? - Forum Thread

    Can someone explain the difference between a web deisgner and a web developer
  • Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? - Forum Thread Why my website in bing didn't flow click?? Please webmaster friends help advice
  • Re: Yet again with the wrongful malware issue.... Come on Bing! - Forum Reply

    A basic outline of my experience with Bing and how long it takes to get help for the wrongful malware issue mentioned above. I'll update this from time to time to keep everyone posted. Day 1 Wednesday Aug 3rd Submitted Support Ticket Posted on Bing Webmaster form:
  • Bing Beta System flagging us as Dangerous Downloads too - Forum Thread

    It has been over 6 weeks since Bing has flagged our website with this warning.... There is NO downloadable content on our site!! We have had third party companies test our site, with all to find our site clean. How can this take 4-6 weeks to fix when it takes a company testing our site a few minutes...
  • Is Submission to Bing Required if submitted to yahoo? - Forum Thread

    When submitting any website to yahoo, it says submitting to Microsoft. Does it mean that if i have submitted my website to yahoo, there is no need to submit it to bing?
  • NEWS BLOG-Cochrane Shaw Capital Management Pty Ltd.: Private Company Information - BusinessWeek - Forum Thread COMPANY OVERVIEW Cochrane Shaw Capital Management Pty Ltd. provides investment and securities advisory services to individuals, corporations, accounting firms, and legal practices in Australia. The...
  • Re: Which one is best social bookmarking site for website promotion? - Forum Reply

    I like Folkd