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  • Forum Reply: Re: BINGo - getting search right!

    I think Bing's UI was quite a good job. It's too early to tell though on the search results. Although, from the initial days from the launch, it has some crap but I'm pretty positive they'll pick up with the game sooner or later. I'm not expecting much of a SERP's development...
  • Forum Thread: Search history issue / Terrible MS-Bing support

    I've been going back and forth with Microsoft support on an issue where Bing remembers your search history even with that setting turned off. I just have to say that the bug is only slightly annoying, while the support was insanely frustrating and unhelpful. They couldn't reproduce the issue...
  • Forum Thread: BING REWARDS NOT IN THE UK!!????!!!!

    BING REWARDS isnt in the united kingdom. WHY? i REALLY wanted to use bing rewards to get microsoft points ect. but no, the people down at the bing office decided that they dont want anyone in the EU to get points! i will NEVER be using bing again unless they make bing rewards usuable by people...
  • Forum Thread: Error 400 - Bingbot?

    moved to webmaster forum - please delete this
  • Forum Thread: Rant: Think outside the box!

    I like Bing much better than Google, but there's lots of room for improvement. I look forward to the new pictures everyday. :-) I would like to filter out unwanted sites like: because there is no way I will pay them for anything. Half the answers are copied from somewhere...
  • Forum Thread: Bing for Safari for Windows?

    Will Bing's engineers ever make a plug in that allows Bing to work as the search box for Safari browser for Windows? Yes, I realize that Bing wants people to use IE, but no recent version of IE exists for Mac. I have Safari on both PC and Mac.
  • Forum Thread: Two problems with IE 9.0

    Hello, there are two problems: a) The "official" bing search provider: produce the wrong search term: IE8 ? b) If I enter a search word, e.g. "Messenger", Bing start the search always...
  • Forum Thread: Like to know the latest version of Bing Toolbar

    I already have Bing Bar in page. Im satisfied w this. THANKS!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Microsoft Security Essentials Beta - Anybody use it?

    yes it works quietly in the background Thanks Pc security solution | Spectranet
  • Forum Thread: Best Computer Services, Antivirus Solutions, computer laptop hardware shop in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida Gurgaon

    M4Asia is best computer shop found in New Delhi NCR Region.. You can find great offers, with free computer services AMC. You can buy computers, laptops, computer hardware online.
  • Forum Thread: Would you consider putting Bing in your own personal website?

    I made my own site, I would like to place Bing in there, but seems to me, I can't find a Bing widgets that would be just simple html. Bing, pls. bang me with your Bing's widgets! Thanks!
  • Forum Thread: Microsoft tag

    Will bing intergated with microsoft tag web site.
  • Forum Reply: Re: BING ADSENSE ??

    I sincerely hope that Microsoft offers a good PPC program -- that is, Bing implements a program like AdSense -- and does it internationally. Businesses and Microsoft both need such a program more than ever. Why? Google as burned a lot of small business owners through their AdSense program by cancelling...
  • Forum Thread: Do I have to pay for shipping?

    I just bought some Microsoft points with rewards. I thought they would be wired to my Xbox Account. I dont know if they will be or not if not do I have to pay for shipping?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Does Bing have the Bling to bury Google?

    i have heard that microsoft and yahoo are taking steps to make a big search engines to bury google.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Microsoft point rewards

    Can anyone confirm? This might be MS reward points for buying their products.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Is Bing Rewards a scam? Banned for no reason

    I, too, am experiencing this issue. I asked them what exactly the violation(s) were that I am accused of, and the response is "Please be advised that we cannot divulge the specific details of your violation due to security reasons." Worse still, when I state that I am not asking for specific...