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  • Forum Thread: increase in listings per page on a single page ?

    Hi, Currently working on this site => . I have some queries.. 1. I just make changes in front end look of the website. On property listings page total entries showing 10 listings per page. Now its 20 listings per page. Does it will affect to that particular page ? ...
  • Forum Thread: bing vs yahoo & google

    before jan 2010 i had more then 10 pages indexed by bing, slowly it vanished and i can see only the index page. google and yahoo still have all the pages and it keep on adding pages that i add within 2 days. will bing ever index my rest of the pages?
  • Forum Reply: Re: What is SEO?

    Yes...bookmark, forum posting, linking from profile page... thats familiar to SEO ______________________________________ <Unsolicited Links removed by a Forum Moderator>
  • Forum Reply: Re: Search problem meta description with my website

    Hi, Bing by default does not use the Meta Description, it uses DMOZ. Have a read here
  • Forum Thread: BING REWARDS NOT IN THE UK!!????!!!!

    BING REWARDS isnt in the united kingdom. WHY? i REALLY wanted to use bing rewards to get microsoft points ect. but no, the people down at the bing office decided that they dont want anyone in the EU to get points! i will NEVER be using bing again unless they make bing rewards usuable by people...
  • Forum Thread: Bing SEO

    is SEO techniques for Bing the same as for Google?! what are the major tips for Bing SEO? You can check: Bing VS Google (Decision Engine VS Search Engine) War is On!
  • Forum Thread: Ciao in Comparison to Bing Shopping

    I write once again. To Complain about the Awful Ciao. Which has Plagued, Live Search of Europe and now Bing Europe. For some Odd Reason, Microsoft think's it's a good Idea to tie in Ciao with Bing UK? For what reason? I don't know!! Ciao for one has a name which is completely random. If you...
  • Forum Thread: Rant: Think outside the box!

    I like Bing much better than Google, but there's lots of room for improvement. I look forward to the new pictures everyday. :-) I would like to filter out unwanted sites like: because there is no way I will pay them for anything. Half the answers are copied from somewhere...
  • Forum Reply: Re: search engine

    Google rules the roost. Because it has fresher and faster results. Relevancy of the results is almost equal at al the search engine's. And Google definitely takes the cake in popularity. Recent report also cited that searcher on an avg spends more time seeing Google search results as compared to...
  • Forum Thread: Applies the same SEO solutions for google to Bing?

    Hi there, I have been working since several months to gain a higher position in the main search engines for my new website . I have to say I am quite happy with the results in Google. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Bing where my best position is 86 (page 8)!! The questions...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Hi Friends, Good Morning.....

    Welcome to Bing Community.....You can Share and Learn many things to here, Its good platform to give the our suggestion, Share idea's and Learn Many things as well as. Website Development Seattle | Chicago Website Design
  • Forum Thread: Best Computer Services, Antivirus Solutions, computer laptop hardware shop in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida Gurgaon

    M4Asia is best computer shop found in New Delhi NCR Region.. You can find great offers, with free computer services AMC. You can buy computers, laptops, computer hardware online.
  • Forum Reply: Re: search engine

    I think, This time Google and Bing are good Search engines, Yahoo is also good but i mostally use Google and Bing. Website Development Denver | Web Design Seattle
  • Forum Thread: Seo

    In seo , which keywords we used use, less density keyword or strong density keyword? which will be have good strengthen our websites..
  • Forum Thread: About Multi Maps in Comparison to Bing Maps

    I write once again. To Complain about the Awful Multi Maps. Which has Plagued, Live Search UK and now Bing UK. For some Odd Reason, Microsoft think's it's a good Idea to tie in Multi Maps with Bing UK? For what reason? I don't know!! Multi Maps for one has a name which is completely...
  • Forum Reply: Re: BING ADSENSE ??

    I sincerely hope that Microsoft offers a good PPC program -- that is, Bing implements a program like AdSense -- and does it internationally. Businesses and Microsoft both need such a program more than ever. Why? Google as burned a lot of small business owners through their AdSense program by cancelling...