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  • Forum Thread: wrong info

    When I searched Diva Dollz Seattle, Bing gave me the correct address & phone number. What I found to be odd was the shop was listed under the "category: Men's Clothing" when the boutique is DEFINATELY a women's shop, located in Pioneer Square, but listed as "neighborhood: SODO"...
  • Forum Thread: Quick Access Search Box

    My question is in regards to the Quick Access search box on the Bing results page. It is supposed to be able to allow you to search from within the site that was just searched. However, I have tried it with several sites and is not giving me any results on that specific domain. My question is, are these...
  • Forum Thread: Suggestion for Bing Interface - Menu Link for "Mail"

    Since is redirecting to - It would be useful to have a link to from Bing menu. Alteast in Extras it should be included - so that any one can just click to mail in one hop ! cheers BALA
  • Forum Thread: Poor listing

    Normal 0 21 false false false DE-CH X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
  • Forum Thread: Search history issue / Terrible MS-Bing support

    I've been going back and forth with Microsoft support on an issue where Bing remembers your search history even with that setting turned off. I just have to say that the bug is only slightly annoying, while the support was insanely frustrating and unhelpful. They couldn't reproduce the issue...
  • Forum Reply: Re: How long does it talk to verify

    I have done this a couple of months back with Live search. It was verified within a few minutes in my case. Bing is essentially similar to Live search, so I guess it would be done in the same time frame. I used both File based and Meta verification.
  • Forum Thread: Bing search suggestions not working??

    hello, I am using Bing and I dont get search suggestion. I am using IE 9 on Win 7 (ultimate). I have tried Bing with all major browsers like firefox, safari, chrome but Bing suggestions dont appear in any browser. My country preferences are set to India. Also, I changed it to US (english) but the...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Search problem meta description with my website

    Hi, Bing by default does not use the Meta Description, it uses DMOZ. Have a read here
  • Forum Thread: BING REWARDS NOT IN THE UK!!????!!!!

    BING REWARDS isnt in the united kingdom. WHY? i REALLY wanted to use bing rewards to get microsoft points ect. but no, the people down at the bing office decided that they dont want anyone in the EU to get points! i will NEVER be using bing again unless they make bing rewards usuable by people...
  • Forum Thread: Bing Search Box Replacement?

    Bing previously had a quick and attractive option for sites to be able to offer a solid search function that was a good deal better than Google's site search (ie, ). Presently I'd like to integrate Bing search similar to...
  • Forum Thread: Bing Search of my name reveals confidential personal information - how to remove

    When searching for my real name on, I noticed that confidential personal information was being revealed from a web posting on a website from some years ago. This information could impact my business and profession and culd also result in identity theft (which I had suffered earlier). I was...
  • Forum Reply: Re: search engine

    Google rules the roost. Because it has fresher and faster results. Relevancy of the results is almost equal at al the search engine's. And Google definitely takes the cake in popularity. Recent report also cited that searcher on an avg spends more time seeing Google search results as compared to...
  • Forum Thread: How do I get Bing to display www version of site.

    My website is at but BING results are coming up with I hate this as this is ugly and users associate sites with www. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Problem with search results

    When I type "ansak" I get correct results related to However, when I type "" I get bogus results - unrelated to I believe this is a bug with Bing. Does any one know why this is happening?
  • Forum Thread: Best Computer Services, Antivirus Solutions, computer laptop hardware shop in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida Gurgaon

    M4Asia is best computer shop found in New Delhi NCR Region.. You can find great offers, with free computer services AMC. You can buy computers, laptops, computer hardware online.
  • Forum Thread: Getting Latest News From Websites

    Hi, I am new to BING API. How can i get the updated content published through BING API? For example if i want to get the latest news from , How can i get it from BING api. I tried it from BING search page, but it is not giving me updated results. I am looking for the results from...
  • Forum Thread: Embedded Bing Search

    Are there any simple examples of embedding bing search since the new Bing 2.0 API was released? I was previously able to provide a search dialog and target my website specifically for results. I am no developer and only a volunteer for a Cubscout Pack website, so examples are my best option. I have and...
  • Forum Thread: Bing Bot and its indexing power??

    I want to ask why Bing's indexing power is so slow and why Bing Bot (or MSN bot) does not crawl to website properly. I was searching for website of Heromotocorp (world's largest two wheeler maker) on Bing India and as expected I could not find that website. Then I ran site:query and found that...
  • Forum Thread: Seo

    In seo , which keywords we used use, less density keyword or strong density keyword? which will be have good strengthen our websites..
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bing search improvement

    I trust Bing results more than Google ones but the only problem is Google provides fresher results. But Bing results are excellent. Bing is always working on improving this great search engine.