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  • Forum Thread: Speaking of SEO...

    BING should take advantage of the recent disastrous Google Panda & Penguin updates that ruined so many livelihoods. BING should be running a huge TV campaign highlighting the terrible, spammy SERPs that are now appearing on Google. Penalizing sites for white hat SEO (that they have been doing for...
  • Forum Thread: Bing can not remember to use "your settings"

    I just got the new Bing. Looks sweet. One major problem though: Every time I go there, I have to select "your settings". It defaults to "search all". What's up with that? I don't want to end up with safe search filtering my results, and whatnot. What does...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bing Cashback - No response from Email Customer Support

    You should just stop using bing then... There are quite a few cashback shopping sites out there that are a heck of a lot better and that offer a lot higher cashback and more features to help you shop. My friends and I use cuz we can socialize together as we shop online and share favorites...
  • Forum Reply: Re: search engine

    I like both Google and Bing search engines. Both of them give relevant results but Google offers fresher results in most cases.
  • Forum Reply: Re: How bing is different from google?

    Have you forget Bing video search and video playing feature from Bing it self? It is really a nice feature compared to Google.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Please you listen to the ex-googlers, and offer the option to have a clean Bing!

    Maybe you are true. Background images of Bing are good and bad. They are good because some users like them and some people like to see the new image every day and they visit Bing at least for it. But its bad because it causes Bing to load slower comparing to Google and because of it, some people think...
  • Forum Thread: I hope this si the right place for my question

    What is the adress for bing business directory. also does bing provides a diretory for non proft organisations? hiwaar voluntry human rights web society
  • Forum Reply: Re: Will there be a Bing Pagerank in the Future?

    I have no Idea for such question..But if bing luanch this kind of tool then it think it is very good for every SEO's.
  • Forum Reply: Re: How do i add friends in Bing??

    I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Country and region dropdown - missing countries!

    Bing people might have forgot to include Nigeria in their country list but they should really act up fast and add this to the list soon.
  • Forum Thread: Why is Bing Mobile App far better on iPhone than WinMo phones?

    Running the HTC HD2 and very disappointed that I am missing quite a few of the options that my friends with the iPhone 4, possibly 3Gs, are getting when they open their Bing app? Are u saving all these improvements for WinMo7 and nothing for the loyal followers?
  • Forum Thread: What search filters can be used to limit result to financial stocks only?

    Going to write a mini-app which performs searches on financial stocks only. What filters do I need to achieve that? Also, how do I search for news?
  • Forum Thread: Where has Video Search gone (UK)

    Video search has disappeared, both from the top strip and from the Explore/More page? Anybody know a god reason why? The Bing Video Search was a really nice feature....
  • Forum Reply: Re: has Bing lost the momentum?

    Is the market to far gone? Was google instant the final nail in the coffin for Bing? If Microsoft want to tackle Search head on they need to add a couple of 0's to the end of their budget to try and dent googles market share.
  • Forum Thread: Bing Lacks a Customer Service Mindset

    Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I posted a Customer Support question earlier and one of the more helpful, yet naive responders suggested I visit the Support Forums. Wow, Support Forums, why didn't I think of that...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Does Bing have the Bling to bury Google?

    Great points being raised here. What i am keen to see is whether or not Bing gets traction with the customer base. Outside of this, having a superior product might be nice, but also, might not be enough to get them into a profitable and competitive space. Bing in Australia is currently small. Limited...
  • Forum Reply: Re: SEO

    I think he is asking for on-page optimization of bing, nor for a job.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Why a different image depending on the country you live in?

    Hello Sean, In other locations it has been mentioned that this site is new and there are things that are being done for the United States that are still in development elsewhere. What you might see in your area is not seen in others and it does not mean you won't ever see content you are requesting...
  • Forum Thread: High resolution daily picture?

    Hi, Is bing providing HD daily picture? Or is it planning to include it soon ? It's a real shame to have low res picture, especially since a lot of people are using it as wallpaper/logon screen for example. Anthony,
  • Forum Reply: Re: How bing is different from google?

    The recent issue that i got into using Bing was that Bing's Bot is relatively slower then Google. Other than that both provides a good set of features to end users to promote websites.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Welcome!

    At a first look, almost everything seems fine. I got satisfactory results for the first few queries I've entered there. Way to go, but there's also scopes of improvements.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Search results

    You have not mentioned whether you have searched in polish version of Bing or in other version. As Bing is changing its algo in every now and then ranking of website is bound to get affected. It will be better if you continue your SEO campaign as far as possible.
  • Forum Thread: Bing slideshow

    Hi, I was just trying the new feature set and I found something very intresting. Try to search for "Taylor Swift" or "Britney Spears" (apparenty, someone over at Bing loves her, because she always gets the new features first and even the first screenshot of Bing ever was a search...
  • Forum Thread: I miss Bing's old design

    I really miss the design Bing had when it first arrived. Everytime I'd search, it'd make me happy that I was using something more beautiful than Google (even if the results weren't always as good). The layout made me happy, actually. The aesthetics were beautiful, and everything was so much...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Does Bing have the Bling to bury Google?

    i have heard that microsoft and yahoo are taking steps to make a big search engines to bury google.