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  • Forum Thread: Search results removing "www" from index url but not subpages

    Hello, Search results for our organization are displaying as, however all of the pages within the site, display the correct full url? I checked our sitemap.xml file and everything looks good. I see from our reports more users are utlizing to the Bing tool to find us. I submitted...
  • Forum Thread: [Suggestion] Please add a search option to search for the accurate search term.

    Hello, what about an option to search for the identical search term, without any changes or suggestions? Even the search term contain special characters? E.g. Today someone in another forum have a problem with an application, therefore I tried to search for the error output: <malformed-request...
  • Forum Thread: Bing This is not fare

    when I search "Search engine" in bing there is no google in top 10, how it could b possible whn the top search engine is not in the list for his keyword how we would belive on other search results provided by bing?
  • Forum Thread: Bing search results expansion

    I like the way Bing is displaying the additional info for top result. I don't know if the problem was study already, but i think most users will have their cursor point on the first half of the result (around the title). Moving the cursor to the expansion sign is taking time. Perhaps putting it...
  • Forum Thread: Weird (image) search behaviour

    When I perform an image search on (any version of) BING. I noticed the folowing weird behaviour: When I look for Jan Smit (without quotes) I get 85.000 hits. Now for the weird part. When I look for "Jan Smit" (with quotes), I get 740.000 hits (!). While according to search logic, snice...
  • Forum Thread: Search history issue / Terrible MS-Bing support

    I've been going back and forth with Microsoft support on an issue where Bing remembers your search history even with that setting turned off. I just have to say that the bug is only slightly annoying, while the support was insanely frustrating and unhelpful. They couldn't reproduce the issue...
  • Forum Reply: Re: MSNBOT - reject access

    Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...
  • Forum Thread: SEO for Bing applicable ?

    Friends, Is there any SEO thing applicable for bing, so that we can get good amount of traffic from bing ? We all know now, bing is growing and very good nowadays..A real competitor to google.. Please do share your tips on improving bing search traffic with seo tips for bing. Thx
  • Forum Thread: BING REWARDS NOT IN THE UK!!????!!!!

    BING REWARDS isnt in the united kingdom. WHY? i REALLY wanted to use bing rewards to get microsoft points ect. but no, the people down at the bing office decided that they dont want anyone in the EU to get points! i will NEVER be using bing again unless they make bing rewards usuable by people...
  • Forum Thread: ===> Hi everyone :P <===

    Hey everyone. Just came by to start a post out of impulse, and to say hi as well. I came across bing about 2 months ago while taking an online survey. interesting site i must say. Here is my website :
  • Forum Thread: Where can I find the main ingredients codes for the recipe search category

    I am working on an application that gathers ingredients (like Salmon, Lemon, Dill) and then makes a call to bing with a search string. I have seen the new recipe search category, which is very cool, but it looks like I need to know the codes for the various ingredients to build the refinements. Does...
  • Forum Reply: Re: How bing is different from google?

    The major difference in the Algorithm is how effectively each one is get ride of the spammers to ensure the SERP quality much better. There is no need to consider the page rank in this case however Google is just above Bing for Search Results relevance quality as almost everyone believes. I'm not...
  • Forum Thread: Ranking In The Wrong Country

    Hello, I've got a site that's hosted in Canada but does business in the UK, I have always found it strange that I had no rankings for that site yet it does well on other engines. I then went into my webmaster tools and realize that the site has top ten ranking in two of the five keywords that...
  • Forum Thread: Best Computer Services, Antivirus Solutions, computer laptop hardware shop in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida Gurgaon

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