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How to get Bing to contact us ?


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How to get Bing to contact us ?

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My name is Joe Terry.

I represent a company called Prodege LLC.

On of our main properties is the website ... ...

We would like to have someone call us about search API usage by our company.

Our phone number is (310) 294-9599. My extension is 210

Please contact us immediately ... we are a registered developer and are already using the spell checking API on our site.

We are generating about 7,000 queries in a 24 hour period and we'd like to utilize the Search API, but we need to talk to someone within the BING organization.

Please call us.


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  • Why not consider contacting the Bing team by yourself, instead of the other way round?

  • We have done so ... twice ... We figured they watch traffic on your BING API key and called the most promising targets first.

    What is a good email or phone number for them?



  • I've post an email to them but also get no response 

  • What email address did you use for them?

    Joe Terry
    Prodege LLC


  • If bing people may find your offer useful to them, they will contact you.

  • Go here to contact Bing:

    I've always had a response from them in less than 24 hours.


  • what is bing's phone number? I wanna call them.

  • write to api_tou at microsoft dot com

  • thanks alot for this 


  • how can i E-mail to bing.

    what is his E-mail address.

    can you send me.

  • My name is Azzam

    I represent a company called Eastern Wok. Day by day im getting complaints from our customers that when they bing they dont find Eastern wok. 

    it doesnt link this fb page. Please tell me what should i do from my side for this.  

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  • nice idea, thank for sharing brotherr