Hi guys,
the following request to the Bing API delivers a XML-file with title, meta description and url (+cache-url and crawling time) for the first 10 hits on the website www.garten-treffpunkt.de for the search term "baum"
http://api.bing.net/xml.aspx?AppId=1F7BF1334F71278A6BBEBCDED5AECCC70ADF3271&Version=2.2&Query=site:www.garten-treffpunkt.de baum&Sources=web&web.count=10
How must the request be changed to get (instead or additional to this) the same excerpt that I get, when I type the search term  "site:www.garten-treffpunkt.de baum" on bing.com into the search field?
And why delivers bing.com other hits than the BingAPI?
Many thanks for an answer