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1-Click Direction for and the querystring param EP


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1-Click Direction for and the querystring param EP

  • Hello,

    I'm calling the Bing Phonebook XML query, and when I get back a list of results for buisness to call, how can I add a 1-Click link to the Bing mobile 1 click direction page correctly? The EP parameter seems to be something about the location that is encoded in some way to the Lat and Long?


    The "EP=q0kv95d4pd" is what I'm trying to recreate here.

    Also, the 1-Click directions on is having issues today. So it may not work if you click on it.

    Thank you.

  • I would post this question in the api forum as there are experienced users there for bing api.

  • Thank you. I add my question there too.

  • Your welcome hope you get your issue resolved.