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Another means for verifying local listing PIN?


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Another means for verifying local listing PIN?

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I am the webmaster for the Stow Players community theater in Stow Ohio.  I have been trying to increase our visibility online and make it easier for people to find us.  I've gone through the local listing process to update our listing with our street address and website, but there's a snag.  Our phone number leads to a voice mail system for reservations; we don't have a real phone somebody can answer.  We can't receive mail at our street address because the post office doesn't deliver there.  How do we get around this?  Our information in Bing maps is mostly correct, I was trying to add our address, website, and get the location marker in the right place.

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  • davesherman,

    You may want to contact your local post office to have your mail routed to another address.

  • Perhaps you should read the question again more carefully.  If the mail doesn't get delivered to the street address in the first place (no mailbox), then how does forwarding to another address help?  I could enter our P.O. Box where we get our mail, but that doesn't help anybody find our location at all.

  • Hello,


    Currently, there are only 2 ways to verify your PIN. Unfortunately, it appears you can't avail either of the two.


    Also note that PO Box local listing submissions are not supported


    It seems these are not applicable to you but I'm including this for reference (of other users/visitors):


    You'll verify your PIN by telephone or on the Local Listing Center home page.

     - If you chose to receive a phone call, when prompted during your call, enter the PIN from the confirmation page. Your listing is confirmed after you enter your PIN.

     - If you chose to receive the PIN through mail:

       a. After you receive your PIN, go to the website.

       b. Sign in with your Windows Live ID account.

       c. Click Verify pin.

       d. Type the PIN that you were sent, and then click Submit.



    In some instances, you may be provided with only one verification option.


    Good day,



    Microsoft Global Escalations