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How do you turn off annoying Bing feature?


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How do you turn off annoying Bing feature?

  • Dear Bing Blogosphere:

    Like hundreds of others are doing daily according to their blogs, I also refuse to use GOOGLE any more and just switched over to Bing for one reason and one reason only:  Like everyone else who makes the change, I am sick and tired of that incredibly annoying Google feature that cannot be switched off permanently, AUTOCOMPLETE or automatic fill in feature in the Google Search Box.

    Yahoo, on the other hand, also has that feature, but  has an easy to use, immediately available (unhidden), radio button that allows the user to permanently turn it off if they so choose.  I was hoping Bing had the same, but apparently they don't.  So I went looking for instructions on how to manually deselect that annoying feature in the Bing Search Box.  However, what I got was nonsensical directions for things that don't really exist on the Bing Home Page.

    Therefore, my last plea before leaving Bing as well, does ANYONE out there in the Bing Blogosphere know how to actually turn off Auto Suggest/Auto Complete in the Search Box, in a User Friendly fashion, beginning at the Bing Home Page?

    Thank you very much!


  • In Setting option from same after login to account.