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04 being shut down on April 4th, 2011

Gang, we've got a quick note here to alert users to an item we'll be shutting down in 60 days.

As of April 4th, 2011 we will discontinue support for the functionality. If you continue to leverage the feature after this date (April 4th, 2011), users who attempt to query in the search box will be redirected to a 404 page. This means that you will need to move to the Bing API in order to continue to receive web or site search results from us. We have decided to take this step for two reasons.

First, the tool has not been getting a lot of use and while we have some very loyal customers on it, we believe we can provide you better alternatives in the future as we free up resources.

Second, the functionality available through can be replicated with the Bing search API and so it feels a bit redundant.

As has become customary, we will give you a window to migrate off and ask us any questions you may have about this change. We will also provide reminders as we get closer to April 4th. Thank you so much for your support.

The Bing Developer Team


  • How do we use the API to do this? I really wish you wouldn't shut it down...

  • Thank you for keeping us updated.

  • Can you replae the info on this page: with information on how to get the same result with the API?  People will need a simple custom search tool.

  • Is there any migration tutorial or an easy to use code help like the former siteowner-page? I want to replace my siteowner-searchbox with the bing api and I want to avoid google - but until today after a lot of searching i'm still not able to. Is there any help?

    Thanks in adance and best regards

  • I'm really sad to this happen. The support we got for this function was great.

  • "First, the tool has not been getting a lot of use"

    this is not really true!

  • Yea this is stupid.... I get it... you made something new and you think its better... hell it probably is... but its way out of my leage... so now what do i do.... ive spent hours trying to use your new system but all i can do is get an appid... thats it thats all i can figure out... every thing in your faqs says its easy but i dont see any links for the next steps........... So thank you bing for making my life hell