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Bing Search API now available on Windows Azure Marketplace


Following our blog post last month, the Bing Search API is now available on the Windows Azure Marketplace. Starting today, you can sign up in the Marketplace to access web, image, news, and video search results, as well as related searches and spelling suggestions using JSON or XML.

We structured the service as follows:

  • For up to 5,000 queries per month, developers can access the API for free on the Windows Azure Marketplace. At this level, the large majority of our existing developers – including non-profits, educational institutions, and smaller scale applications– can continue using the service for free.
  • For greater than 5,000 queries per month, developers can purchase a subscription on the Windows Azure Marketplace. Developers interested in using only web results can also sign up for a lower cost offering.

As a one stop shop for cloud data, apps, and services, the Windows Azure Marketplace provides opportunities to access hundreds of other datasets and distribute your applications. In transitioning, the Search API is able to serve more relevant and up-to-date results. In addition, we encourage you to review the updated terms of use, which now allow greater flexibility to re-order and blend results so that you have greater control over how Bing data is integrated into services and applications.

Right now, we’re offering a free limited time trial for any subscription tier to help in the transition process. If you are a high volume user who needs more queries per month than what is listed on the Marketplace, please submit a request to onboard through a separate process.

If you have an existing Bing Search API 2.0 AppID:

We encourage existing developers to begin transitioning to the Windows Azure Marketplace before Bing Search API 2.0 AppIDs are decommissioned on August 1, 2012. On and after this date, AppIDs will no longer return results. Developers can continue using the API by signing up for the Windows Azure Marketplace or by submitting a request if greater query volume is needed.

To transition your application to the Windows Azure Marketplace:

  1. Sign up for the Marketplace.
  2. Read the migration guide on transitioning your application. You can expect the transition to involve targeting a new API end point, moderate changes to the request and response schemas, and a new security requirement to authenticate your application key.
  3. Subscribe to the Bing Search API and create an application key. You will not be charged for API usage until the trial period expires.

In an effort to prioritize our more frequently used services, the Phonebook SourceType and the RSS endpoint will no longer be available through the Bing Search API beginning August 1, 2012. Translation capabilities will continue to be offered through Microsoft Translator instead of through the Bing Search API.

If you have questions about our offering on the Windows Azure Marketplace, please see the FAQs.

We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback in the past few weeks, and we appreciate your involvement as we continue growing our search services. Please stay tuned on this blog for future updates.

Note: The changes described in this announcement apply only to the Bing Search API. Bing Maps services will not be impacted.

- Bing Developer Team


  • Great! Can you explain rules of results attribution? If I pay for results, I want to cite the Bing logo only in About page, is it possible?

  • @wildnove: Hi there, you can find our brand attribution guidelines here:

  • We have subscribed to the 2.500.000 queries package.

    We would like to point your attention to the fact that the old "Options" parameter  into the request (Bing API 2.0) which, for example, was enabling the highlighting (EnableHighlighting) of the: title, content and display url is not working, therefore the whole service looks seriously compromised. We are looking forward for your reply. Best regards.

  • Hi Bing Team,

    There seem to be some inconsistencies in your documentation.  

    In your "Migrating Bing Search API Applications" document, the new query URL for web results only is said to be:

    With this URL, I keep getting "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.". This is after successful authentication.

    However, things seem to work fine if I use the "URL for current expressed query" from your query builder tool, which is different (for the same service - "Bing Search API – Web Results Only"):



  • @Andrei O - Thanks for bringing this up. The service should be working. Please get in touch with support so that we can help resolve the issue:

    @mariano and wildnove - Highlighting is not currently supported in the Windows Azure Marketplace service. Our team appreciates the feedback as we continue developing our offerings.

  • What's the alternative to the phonebook query type (apart from competing services)?

  • Do you think you will add the highlighting feature for the results?

    If so, when are you going to develop this feature? A search engine without highlighting

    (computed at indexing time) is not very usable nowadays. How can we solve this problem? For now we are still using the old free API (Bing API 2.0) but we have already purchased the new api package, do you think we will get the highlighting before August?

    Thank you in advance for your patience.

  • The migration doesn't seem that simple. Can this jquery example be translated for the new api?

  • Looks like the total amount of results information is now missing from the results. That information was useful for us (not only for paging). Can you explain why it was removed?

  • What's the alternative to the phonebook query type (apart from competing services)?

  • @Hitchhiker180, @mariano and wildnove: Thanks for your feedback. We're actively looking at how to incorporate these features in our Windows Azure Marketplace service in the future. Please stay tuned for updates.

  • @JerryNixon: We are not offering the phonebook source type through the Bing Search API on Windows Azure Marketplace. There are several other local listing APIs out there, and we encourage you to find one that works best for your application.

  • I posted this in the other thread and then realized maybe I should post it here instead, but regarding forthcoming API features:

    "I have a suggestion for improving the Bing API: how about pulling images (assumedly relevant ones) with results, and how about getting the keyword highlighting to show up in context of the results (right now it's kind of hit-and-miss)?

    Google's Custom Site Search, for example, does these things already, and that's Bing's competition here. I think Bing's results are more accurate, but it would be nice to see the above features included. Thanks for listening!"

  • "the phonebook source type through the Bing Search API will no longer be available" - WOW. Thanks, we're now moving our business to Google.

  • "the phonebook source type through the Bing Search API will no longer be available" - WOW. Thanks, we're now moving our business to Google.