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Human Equation uses search technology to solve business problems

We're always excited about organizations using web data in innovative, unconventional ways. Most recently our team was inspired by Human Equation, a Montreal-based digital marketing firm that uses the Bing Search API to solve business problems for clients.

By tapping into vast web data through the Bing Search API, Human Equation is able to generate insights across sales, operations, recruitment, and other business areas using a methodology gleaned from criminal investigations. Their proprietary method – called “Digital DNA” – automates the process of scouring the web for information so that investigations can happen quickly.

“We wanted to use all the trace evidence on the Internet to investigate and determine the specific set of people, companies, and groups that a customer needed to identify to address its particular business issue,” explains Andréa Doyon, Founder of Human Equation. “For example, if a customer wanted to know which companies would make good sales prospects, we would carry out strategic searches to discover telltale facts, such as which companies were hiring, which appeared on lists of tradeshows, and other signs of growth and stability.” Read the full Human Equation story.

It’s great to see companies applying out-of-the-box thinking to search technology. Two months ago, we launched the Bing Search API on the Windows Azure Marketplace, and the service is now powering search data across thousands of applications, websites, and services.


The Bing Search API has moved to the Windows Azure Marketplace. We encourage you to sign up and check out the new service. On and after August 1, 2012, Bing Search API 2.0 AppIDs will be disabled. The Bing Maps API service will not be affected.


  • I always like to see when companies apply something new.

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