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Change to the Bing Maps for Government Blogging

Those of you who read the Bing Maps for Government Blog have likely noticed that, for some time now, my blogging activity has slowed. I have, for several years, straddled two businesses in Microsoft: Bing Maps and our UltraCam digital aerial camera business that helps drive the Bing Maps content. These businesses have always kept me pretty busy but in the past year, the demands of both have increased to the point where it has been challenging to keep up on all my responsibilites and still find time for blogging. With this in mind, and to help meet the needs of the growing camera business, I am shifting my focus on that business and will no longer keep this blog.

The good news for my public sector readers is that our Bing Maps Technical Evangelist, Chris Pendleton, will now also cover Bing Maps news relevant to government and education audiences in his blog. If you have not  already been reading Chris' blog, he has in-depth technical knowledge of Bing Maps and how it is used to develop mapping applications. Developers in the public sector will appreciate the level of detail that Chris provides when writing on our platform and customer applications. 

This blog will remain in place, both here and where it was originally hosted on Windows Live Spaces, for archival purposes.

I have had a blast keeping this blog these last three years and sharing all the exciting news about Virtual Earth, now Bing Maps. I hope that it has been useful to those of you who have followed it and thank you all for allowing me onto your computers!

Signing out for the last time as ... -=Virtual Jerry


  • I'll set up a tag in my tag cloud just for Government so you can filter the rest of my noise. :)