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Bing Maps Gets Transit Directions

Commuters rejoice! Today Bing Maps added transit routing to its directions options. So, for those of you who like to take the bus, subway, or local rail you now can turn to Bing Maps. This is a very important feature for us as public transit grows in popularity and coverage. There are more than 10.7 billion public transit passenger trips per year in the US alone. 

In this initial release (i.e. more to come) of Bing Maps transit directions, Bing Maps will cover 11 cities: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, and Vancouver.

You’ll notice in the screenshot that the transit information is featured alongside each route option. This helps users easily compare route options based on their existing knowledge of the transit and their preferences. Transit options are available for bus, subway, light rail, and local rail. For those of you interested, in the comments section I’ll post the public transit providers we’re servicing for each city. So you know where to find transit routing, you’ll need to head to our AJAX site on the desktop.

Transit is today’s big news, but we’ve also improved our business details and information about landmarks. Open up movie house detail pages and you’ll see movie listings added to the “nearby” panel. You’ll also see more details on hours of operation on these listings. Search for landmarks like the Space Needle and you’ll see the landmark’s contact information, related businesses, and details right there in the results.

Go to Bing Maps to try out our new transit routing, improved business details and landmark information and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Brian Hendricks - Associate Product Manager, Bing Maps

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  • Para cuando en Español


  • It's not in the Silverlight version yet though.  :(

  • Nice work!

  • Nice and clean implementation.  Look forward to seeing this show up in the Silverlight version.

  • OMG! AWESOME!!! YAY, thank you much! I had been waiting for bus transit info (it hurt so much to have a reason to type the G word into my address bar :p )

  • Great work! Add phoenix too, pretty please.

  • I'm happy yet at the same time I'm very disappointed.

    The 4th largest city in the country, Houston, TX, isn't available? Nor is #7 (San Antonio) and #9 (Dallas)? Do you guys hate Texas or something? I've been waiting so long to get transit info. via Bing Maps and am super disappointed y'all release the initial ones without Houston.

    Houstonians could use this info. a lot more than those other transit agencies. The Metro site is horrible to navigate and get good directions, and I'm getting tired of going to Google Maps to do things Bing Maps still can't do.

    Hopefully the next release of transit data for other cities come in soon (like before 2011?). But at least I know Bing is one of the faster groups at Microsoft.

  • "There are more than 10.7 billion public transit passengers per year in the US alone."


    How am I supposed to trust your directions when you can't even be trusted to cite credible public transportation statistics...?

  • As a transit agency, how can one submit their data to Bing Transit?

  • Wow, it's really good for getting the best way to choose for reach the destination.



  • Hi all,

    There has been some chatter around the 10.7 billion public transit passengers in the US. This statistic is from the American Public Transportation Association's 2009 Annual Report. Perhaps the use of the word "trips" would have been most appropriate.

    Apologies for the confusion. You can read the report here:


    Brian Hendricks

    Bing Maps

  • I work for a transit agency in Los Angeles (there are many of us) and I was wondering on how I can include our data in bing maps -- we already have a Google Transit Feed, would it port over?

  • I work for a transit agency in Los Angeles (there are many of us) and I was wondering on how I can include our data in bing maps -- we already have a Google Transit Feed, would it port over?

  • I work for the public transit agency in St. Louis and was wondering the same thing.  What data source feed do you need in order to integrate our data?  Do you have a timeline of when you will be adding other cities?  



  • Hi folks

    We are definitely interested in receiving more transit data and including more agencies. We are checking into the details and will get back to you shortly.

    Many thanks & regards,

    Maryam Gholami

    Bing Local & Maps Product Manager