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165TB of New Imagery Added to Bing Maps

Today we’re thrilled to announce the publication of our largest satellite release to date. In fact, this release is larger than all of our past Aerial releases combined!

The latest Aerial release includes new Satellite imagery as well as Global Ortho photography. Both releases total 165 terabytes of new data live on Bing Maps. Prior to this, our existing Aerial footprint was 129 terabytes total.




Total coverage of new satellite imagery currently live on Bing Maps! Visit Bing Maps World Tour App to view full coverage.

This release features imagery over North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. The total area covered in this data release is nearly 38 million square kilometers.

Oropeza Mountains
Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Durrat Al Bahrain
Kingdom of Bahrain


Hagia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey

Tongass National Forest
Glacier Bay N.P. and Preserve, Alaska


Samples of New Satellite Imagery from Around the World!

Mountains near Aganzhen
Lanzhou, China


Burj Khalifa
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Fortaleza de Santa Cruz
Jurujuba, Brazil


Moroccan Mountains
Assa, Morocco


Sarychevo Peak Volcano
Sarychevo, Russia



Taipei, Taiwan

Santiago, Chile

Mexico City, Mexico

St. Petersburg, Russia

Giza, Egypt

Jaipur, India

Namib Desert, Namibia




Shaded areas indicate 30cm Aerial imagery; yellow coverage highlights the May, 2012 release.
Bing Maps World Tour App to view full coverage. To view the June Global Ortho release in the World Tour App, click on the "Select Releases" tab and choose the "Aerial - GlobalOrtho Jun. 2012 release.

As of today the Global Ortho project is 85% acquired and published. Just this month, Bing Imagery Technologies hit a significant milestone by completing 100% of aerial photography over the United States. The photography in Europe is slated to be finished by this fall and all updated imagery should be published by the end of 2012.

Tiger Ridge Lake
Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Fields near San Agustin
Andalusia, Spain


Parque Natural Posets-Maladeta
Aragón, Spain

Fields of Toledo
Castile-La Mancha, Spain


Extraterrestrial Highway
Nye County, Nevada

Fields near Maldà
Catalonia, Spain


The Aerial Global Ortho release of June, 2012 is a total of 160 Areas of Interest (AOI), and spans 1.03 million square kilometers. To date, Bing Maps has a total of 1,266 AOIs that stretch across 9.54 million square kilometers!

Space Park Promenade
Bremen, Germany

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
Faro, Portugal


Schloss Moritzburg
Moritzburg, Germany

Mendenhall Glacier
Juneau, Alaska



Fritz Cove, Juneau, Alaska

Long Island, Folly Beach, South Carolina

Choptank River, Dorchester County, Maryland

Laguna del Camino de Villafranca, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Italy

Monte Grappa, Vicenza, Italy

École Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, Switzerland


  • This is nice Bing team!. I also want to alert the Bing team that the Bing homepage videos don't work in IE10 in the Release Preview of Windows 8 (it worked fine in the Consumer Preview).  Maybe it's an IE bug, but I guess you guys can alert the IE team.

  • Nice to see the Global Ortho project has made much progress. Can't wait to see full coverage of Germany.

  • In satellite images of Bing, my town is covered by clouds, please update (Palhano, Cear√° - Brazil).

  • You made the very good work! I urge you continue like that :-)

  • First of all thanks a lot for adding Satellite imagery for world including my country Sri Lanka. Appreciate if you can cover the whole northern province as there is no proper accurate may exists till date.

  • Love these images.

  • these are really great and refreshing so nice effort.

  • The bing maps show old 3 years old maps via  but when i access it through api its show new maps. why is it so ?

  • -> Luandersonn: I appreciate the feedback but I can't predict when we'll have updated imagery or that it'll be cloud free - this is a consistent issue we run into with our satellite imagery and the standards for satellite are quite different than that four our Global Ortho program.  That said, we'll do our best.  

    -> umapathyxp: thanks for your comment and the request for more imagery in the northern province.  I can't promise when we'll have it but I will pass it along to the appropriate person on our team.

    -> Jitesh: while the published tiles may be "new," the date on the imagery itself is most accurate; basically, we're getting imagery from a partner that is three years old but publishing it now so it shows as a newly published tile via api (if I'm understanding your comment correctly).