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The Powerset Family

Today, November 3rd, we launch a new redesigned website - no more jagged icons, thank you - and announce for the first time the identity of the close friends, believers and supporters who helped us start Powerset: our angel investors!  In the months that have led up to this point, we have focused intensely on building the great technology that we think is going to leave a profound mark on the search landscape. We want to acknowledge that none of this could have been possible without the incredible help and advice from our investors.  While companies often seek investors for pure financial considerations, we knew from the beginning that one of the most important objectives we could achieve in assembling a pool of investors was to successfully engage the best and brightest minds in technology and benefit as much as possible from their involvement. The group of individuals who have participated in our angel round have clearly become part of the Powerset family.  One interesting and important thing in our corporate culture is how much focus we put on people. From employees, to investors, to advisors, to business partners, we believe in building strong relationships based on mutual benefit. We believe that we owe it to ourselves, and our extended family, to always seek out the best and most talented people and invite them to be part of this incredible adventure.  Today, we are proud to send our heartfelt thank-you's to all of those who have helped us so far and who will be with us for the long run.  Thank you for believing in Powerset!


  • this is my first time learning about you.. I cannot be sure as to what you do.. do you connect people with projects.. I apologize for my lack of understanding..

    I have a set of skill that I can share if they meet your needs..