This demo showcases one of the functionalities of the Location Matching API, providing the capability of suggesting a list of relevant photo tags for a given location (lat/lon) and scope (map level of detail).

Tags are often used by photographers to associate their photos with a list of objects, places, people or other related keywords, in order to allow easier categorization and searchig of their data.
The tag recommendations are based on a spatial analysis of actual tags used by photographers, which are retrieved by crawling internet photo sharing sites such as Flickr® or PhotoSynth®.
The tag recommendation service can be used by developers of mobile photo capture tools, photo organizing solutions, or other applications, in order to suggest users a list of tags for their photos.
Currently, this functionality can be previewed in 3 Locations (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco), while we will be adding more data in the upcoming weeks.

As you navigate the map you will notice that the list of tags will be updated based on the location and the zoom level at which you are looking at the map. For example, when looking at a detail on the map such as in Disneyland, you will notice that the tags represent very local entities in the world such as the different attractions in Disneyland. When zooming out but staying at the same location, you will see that the tags shown will become representative of larger areas, such as (Anaheim, Orange County, Los Angeles, etc.).