The not so good news is that due to persistent scheduling difficulties (i.e., vacations) we won’t be having RWW Camp #1 in mid-July as we’d originally hoped. Lesson: never try to schedule group events for July/August unless they involve music or fireworks…

The good news is that in conjunction with Steve Coast (of OSM fame), we’ll be hosting a Where Camp Seattle in in early September, including a day devoted to Read/Write World. Check back soon for the specific date.

The goals will be the same as before — hands on work with the RWW team and the RML format to help folks use it for their own purposes and give feedback to drive changes in the API and formats.

Also, for those already in the Seattle area, Microsoft will be hosting the Seattle Augmented Reality Meetup for June in Bellevue in June 29, in which we’ll include a RWW presentation and Q&A.