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We're Hiring!

Good news, everyone!

The mission of Read/Write World to build a unified and open world of “media, maps, and meaning” has officially moved to the next level. We’ve opened three levels of developer positions for the growing team here inside Bing. There are multiple openings at each level.

Principal SDE, Senior SDE, and SDE II (all software developer positions, ranging from 10+ years experience down to 3, but not entry level).

We’re looking for creative generalists with deep experience in:

  • games or web-based 3D (UX, real-time, fun factor)
  • web client (e.g., expert Javascript, HTML5 across modern browsers, ajax/web-sockets)
  • web services (think: node.js, cloud, internet-scale five nines, and various DBs like MongoDB, Neo4j, SQL, and LINQ programming)
  • some specialized domain areas relevant to RWW (e.g., graph theory & algorithms, computer vision, machine learning, applied game theory).

The official postings on Bing Jobs had to be specific about desired experience and level for each post, but in reality we’re okay with some “mix and match.” It’s all about the quality of the people on the team.

Mostly, we want people who have a passion for the mission of Read/Write World and relevant experience to contribute, working with some of the smartest folks we know on our little project that could potentially change the game yet again.

We’re building both a platform for RWW with related services and a FOSS client to boot, as well as several flagship mobile applications designed to be useful, rewarding, and evocative. The platform is meant to be simple, robust, and practical for our needs as well as third party developers. And it’s all as open as possible, with the benefits of Microsoft scale. See some of our demos and talks to get an early idea of where this is all going…

We’re working like a small startup as much as possible within a big company, where everyone has to pull their weight and overcome the usual obstacles of any novel effort, help their teammates do the same, communicate well, and contribute to the common effort with spirit and determination.

This is also a very cross-team effort where we’re helping prove out technologies and systems, where each of us needs to be ready and willing to engage with related partner teams to help integrate and scale this work out to hundreds of millions of people as quickly and securely as possible.

How does all that sound?

If interested, please apply through the official postings (below). Pick the one that best matches your own experience and/or level and we’ll get you to the right place.

Principal SDE, Senior SDE, and SDE II developers (ranging from 10+ years experience down to 3, but not entry level).



  • 10+ years of Web Designing & Development + SEO Experience.