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Hello, World

As you all know we have decided to join the fray and we have been listening to what you've had to say about our TechPreview. We've decided to start our own blog so that we can keep you all up-to-date on what's happening with our product, our team and our industry.
Keep watching this space for updates.

   -- Brady Forrest
      MSN Search PM


  • Bring it on! Can't wait to see what you've got coming.
  • Will you be posting a project plan somewhere? Something so webmasters and bloggers can determine when they should expect to be indexed by your engine so we can test its efficiency.
  • Welcome to the Internet - what took ya?
  • Do you think you could test your blog with Firefox? The lines spill over causing horizontal scrolling. There is more than IE out there you know.
  • Hi Brady - nice to see you online. :)

    If you don't mind my asking, are you going to set up a form of "personal profile" page, so as to humanise yourself for the general search blog readers?
  • Don't take too much offence.
    This search engine will never be that good because MS is a contorl freak. If you type in things asking about its compeditors you get the MS story and that may or maynot be the truth (most of the time it is not) If they continue to do this they have no chance at beating google. The word will get out that the search results are rigged and ppl hate being tricked.

    read this

    MS is all about making money and I don't think this is any different they want it so when you turn on a computer you see MS windows surf the internet fire up IE then look for stuff on the web via their search engine.
    My advice to MS if you want to win this one don't rigg results and win it honestly instead of crawling google results for your results.

    my 2 cents
    -A concerned User
  • Someone's a fanboy!

    1. MS isn't a controlfreak.
    2. Google crawling? *laughs violently*
  • Read this

    And MS is a Control freak or else the wouldn't do so much vendor lock with all their products
  • Hurray for the return of TerraServer!

    More toys in the Sandbox!
  • Delbert,

    Was TerraServer ever down? I've always known it as but same thing.

  • PS--Strange, last night I posted and it said that all posts have to be approved, but mine never appeared here and now it goes through instantly.

  • It's great idea to start a blog! thanx :)
  • Microsoft doesn't listen to users, it doesn't care what they want... unless it can benefit the company. This is something that many of us are going to [ballmer]constantly, constantly[/ballmer] draw attention to.

    If Microsoft wants to 'change', lets see some fair play. Boo to the restrictive, anti-competitive nature coming from Redmond. Open up your file formats, APIs, and protocols. Let's all be able to freely share. Let's all work together.

    Let's cut the baloney from the 'peace-and-love' commercials and put this into practice.

    Intellectual property protection? What good is this? Let's see Microsoft protecting the WHOLE COMPUTER USING COMMUNITY. I want assurance from Microsoft that it will not EVER prevent ANYBODY from FREELY accessing/using its file formats/APIs/protocols, etc. Let's end this anti-competitive rubbish.

    If Microsoft is really as good as it makes out, this should not make any difference - especially if Microsoft solutions really are less expensive and more secure. Put your money where your mouth is.

    P.S. By using selective facts, I can also 'prove' that I am Bill Gates. Full facts, presented in context, prove that this obvious lie is just that - a lie.
  • Brady,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. I hope you guys extract some good feedback. I go way back with IE3 and MSN since 1996.

    No, I'm serious. People hate MS because of money, and you're one of them.