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MSN Search Beta Availability Update

In the process of making our new MSN Search beta broadly available we experienced some technical difficulties that caused the beta service to function improperly or be unavailable for some users for periods of time. We're working through these issues one by one and you should see service availability and quality improve soon if not already.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We expected to find some problems in the beta, and we expect there will also be times when we limit service availability for maintenance purposes.  We want to find those problems in order to help us build a higher quality product, and we appreciate your help in doing this.

A few other notes:

1) Several people have reported problems with the search service and with this blog that appear to be browser compatibility issues with FireFox.  We're working on broad browser support and have done some specific testing in this area, but it's clear more is needed.  Thank you for the reports.   

2) When reporting issues, please include as much detailed information as you can in your report so that we can reproduce and fix the bug.  E.g. for browser errors, tell us which type of browser, the version number, and information on any proxy you're using.  For relevance problems, tell us the exact query you entered, any other special settings you're using, e.g. via search builder, and the resulting URL you expected to see.

3) The "Help us Improve" link at the bottom of the results page is an easy way to give us feedback.




  • Ahh well...nobody's perfect, not even Microsoft. :P

    I'll be sure to send you detailed bug reports if and when I come across one.
  • M$ is far from perfect, too far. they didnot even remember to registre for hotmail domain name.
  • Looking forward to that Firefox support ... but hard to expect too much Mozilla support from Microsoft, right? :)
  • There is also another browser called Opera. And it is pretty good you know?

    Maybe this blog can be fixed for Opera as well...
  • how come everything is soo similar to google, this new msn search beta thing? i though microsoft came up with original ideas!
  • I'm reading this blog with Firefox 1.0 (and both IE6 and Avant) perfectly.

    Good to see msnbot/0.3 (+ turn up at my site today for the first time ever.

    Bon chance!
  • Thanks for the preview. I've done some testing today and have found some errors when using the "Near Me" feature. It seems to not filter the results as well as the regular search ie: more irrelevant information. I'll send a more tdetailed evaluation to the "feedback" address.

    Natasha Robinson
    Real Estate Logic
    “…putting Logic in Real Estate.”
  • I'm happy to see Microsoft in the search arena.

    Strongly Agree=4
    Strongly disagree=1

    The beta version

    is fast=4
    return relevant results=4
    is user friendly=4
    can compete with peer engines=3
    has good design and layout=3


  • It's Firefox for the 'crying out loud'. Not FireFox.
  • Personally, I'm really exited to see the new MSN search revealed.

    But...didn't Microsoft carry out load balancing *before* actually making a public launch of the beta??

    Also - out of curiosity - will the new full working version be unveiled before, at, or after SES in Chicago?
  • Sorry - I should have also asked - are you not allowed to say? :)
  • right on. thx.
  • Gotta' second the comment about Opera compatability. There just isn't any excuse for a leader in technology to fail to support standards compliant alternatives. If I havta' fire up IE, I will tend to just go away
  • I look forward to testing your search. I hope you gain some market share in the search world.
  • Guys make the msnsearch to even search email id, I would definetly like to know where my email id is listed around the world of forums...but as of msnsearch does't give any results when i search for my email but google gives..