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As you may have heard, some screenshots from an internal pre-release build of MSN's desktop search product were recently posted on the Neowin site.  While we're flattered by the attention and interest, this was an unauthorized disclosure.  As many of you know, we have been working on a PC search product for some time, and have demonstrated some early prototypes over the past several months.  We are still on track to deliver a beta verson of the product to customers before the end of this calendar year. We plan to release the beta bits only when we feel they are ready from a quality and completeness standpoint, and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from beta users at that time.   



  • i have an idea about making the search more effective to the intended audience. Thought of sharing that with you guys. Building up on the concept of labels, why don't to let the user decide the periphery of the search domain. For example, when a software developer searches for 'java', they might be looking for the details about the software language but when a world traveller looks for 'Java' they might be looking for an island in Indonesia or when a housewife looks up "java", she could well be looking to buy some coffee. I think the targeted search would go a long way to define and refine the search results and make it more relevant to the people.
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  • dektop search is the best way to find more searches from user. keep the work!

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  • MSN Desktop Search is better than Google Desktop Search !!!
  • Are you sure this is accidental?
  • Desktop search seems like a great idea.

    How long are we likely to wait until 'all the bugs' are sorted?

    I'd like to switch to desktop search but there are still limitations (like unsearchable 'Outlook'folders (like 'deleted items')) so I feel the need to wait a little.

    Desktop search is on my 'watch' list now though.

    Andy henry
  • Why do you still allow NeoWin to leak ??
  • The whitehouse "leeks" information to covert sources all the time. It's a way for any organization to get information out that would be improper for them to relase themselves. I think it's funny that the way most people are findin out about it is through an MSDN blog.
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  • How does one sign up to get a beta version of the desktop search?
  • I wonder if its a .Net app though
  • Take your time to reach perfection: MSN DS will blow away Google's in no-time.
  • yeah, its good that MSFT linked into Neowin. 2 years ago, it would have a hush hush scenario w/ lawsuit somewhere inbetween. MSFT is becoming human..way to go guys..

    Like I commented on Jermey's blog on Yahoo!! Our community reach is beyound your grasp. Deal with It !! The community will react, be it be good or bad. MSFT has to listen, and thats the only way for MSFT, to obtain true alignment with userland.
  • Josh,

    Thanks for the link. Good luck with this tool it really is light years ahead of Googles.