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Taking a cue from IE team blog and from Robert Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto, allow me to lay out some basic principles and aspirations for the MSN Search blog:

 Honest and Respectful.  We will tell the truth and stay the high road.  ‘nuff said.

Useful.  We will announce new products, features and releases related to MSN Search.  We will answer frequently asked questions, make clarifications, and once in a while we may address a rumor or two.   We’ll discuss significant problems and fixes

Relevant.  We will keep the blog current and post when we find that there are things to discuss.  We aspire to cover a broad variety of topics over time, and cover a broad range of things that are interesting to you.  To do that, the blog has to be…

Personal.  Various team members will contribute over time on topics they are passionate and knowledgeable about.   

Tantalizing.  We intend to maintain a faint air of mystery.  :-)  Don’t expect us to reveal too much information about the inner workings of our search service, or about upcoming features and product plans.  There are practical limitations on what we can say.  Besides, it would be boring if we revealed all the secrets at once.

Communal.  We would like to build a two-way dialog, rather than a broadcast.  So do expect us to listen and respond to your comments, and to solicit feedback on specific issues.  You should also expect us to stumble and to learn from it. As an example, I want to modify what I said the other day and not blindly rule out commenting on the nature of our search results; if an explanation is necessary and beneficial to a broad range of our customer community, we certainly reserve the right to chime in. 

Constructive.  In turn, we ask for your constructive suggestions, feedback, and requests.  Thanks to everyone already doing this, it is greatly appreciated!



  • My 2 cents..
    1)Tell the unvarnished truth always
    2)Repect constructive critism
    3)Userland reach is further then your grasp. deal with it.
    "“HumanityV2.0 has become smart, intelligent and connected. We are not interested in companies that crank out- sterile, happy smooth talk, humorless, with the monotone mission statements and lifeless brochures. We are feed up with your lip service. We want to talk to the person at the desk who understands our needs. He/she is our friend and is on our interstellar connected network.” /pd

  • Jump on the clue train <>
  • Oh well. As my grandpappy used to say...
    "You can only keep an open mind for so long, until people come and try to dump their garbage in it."
  • To clarify, that remark was directed at the first comment (by f*** you), not at Peter Dawson's manifesto (which was interesting, BTW)

    Also it was meant in a humours fashion: $comment .= " ;-)";
  • Of course, now that the first comment was deleted by the moderator, my comment just looks silly :)
  • I love your goals. One thing I'll be interested in seeing is how third parties will be able to make use of MSN.

    For instance, what features do you have in store for those of us who would like to write software that can display the data for the user in new ways?

  • I think that's biggest challenge for microsoft.
    To make people believe you are telling the Truth.

    This Blog may be a start.....


    Jan van der Reis
  • You should also post code snippets from ranking algos ;)
  • Honest and Respectful. We will tell the truth and stay the high road. ‘nuff said.

    So are you afraid of Google Web Search ?
  • Brady, et al:

    I have to agree with Jan on this one. Like Jan, I think this is a great step. Hopefully readers of this blog will feel like it is more facts than hype. We all know that some business blogs tend to become a marketing hype-a-thon....

    Re: "In turn, we ask for your constructive suggestions, feedback, and requests." - I agree. Thank you for deleting some of the comments.

    I'm reading this blog to get updated news and answers to questions about MSN search and and would hope that everyone else is as well.

    While I don't think that everyone can play nice in this world I don't think a blog is the best place to put inappropriate comments, especially if they are off topic.

    Natasha Robinson
    Real Estate Logic
    “…putting Logic in Real Estate.”
  • Will you add a news search engine.
  • To Antonio Gulli's question,

    1) We have a news search service today at ... just click on the News link.

    2) We also have a news browse experience powered by search. See This is in Beta right now and we'll integrate it deeper into the search experience over time.


    General Manager, MSN Search Program Management
  • <b>We will tell the truth and stay the high road. ‘nuff said.</b>

    'Nuff said? I don't think so.

    Microsoft has always maintained that it is telling the truth, even in court, under oath, where it was revealed to have lied.

    Convincing people that you're telling the truth is not something that Microsoft is going to achieve.

    Microsoft needs to stop acting in an anti-competitive manner. Talk is cheap, people want to see actions, and so far Microsoft's actions have been detrimental to itself.

    Those who have a clue know that blogging is a neat way of giving a company a personality. The company or product takes on the personality that is portrayed by the blogger.

    Like has been said before, just because nice guys work for the Mafia, it doesn't mean that anybody is going to trust the Mafia.
  • Well, I'll *not* be pedantic about what is clearly a statement of good intent. I'm happy that this blog exists. Even happier that we are allowed to comment. I'm syndicating this blog and expect much ;)
  • off posting but of notable intest !!
    RSS/Gmail security flaws ??